Pattaya Bonkai Resort Hotel $15/Night — Very Beautiful Place and Cheap!

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This hotel in Pattaya is tucked away on some back streets in Pattaya and can be a bit hard to find. It is not far from Theppraya Road and not too far from South Pattaya and Walking Street. You can get to Walking Street in 7-8 minutes for instance on a motorbike.

The place is very quiet with rooms over looking the pool. It has a big TV, nice shower, AC and wifi. The beds are big and comfortable with daily cleaning. Safety deposit box and security are on staff. The pool and the courtyard is very beautiful and all rooms overlook the pool. There are 39 rooms in total. Prices range from 500 baht for smaller rooms to 900 baht for the biggest rooms. The staff is very friendly and speaks good English.


Bossman says:

Is the air so bad there you have to wear a mask?

Ilyas koshani says:

why did you not look another room in second floor?

Mika Salinto says:

I have lived nearby in Soi Bonkai Soi 4 (Four Man Mansion) and Soi 6 (Rose House) From Bonkai 6 you make a small left right and you are basically there. Soi Bonkai is often mistakenly referred to as Soi 17 which it i not.
You can come from Thepprasit Soi 8 or 10 for maybe 4 kilometers and turn left.
Mind Resort and BeerUtopia are good landmarks.
I often went by that Resort and thought it would be more expensive.

Jean Vlog - Share Your Trip says:

Hey my Thai Friend ! Nice video you really make good job !

Andrew Perry says:

Hi guys , just to update you ,the lovely receptionist Noi no longer works here as the owners fired her.
She attracted so many people to this resort because of CCs great video ,but as usual in Thailand they were jealous of her ,she made her co worker lose face and you know the rest …….

Sharath Chandra says:

U forgot to ask an important question, can we bring girls back to room?

Tony P says:

This lady  and your Video are  very helpful , I  just back from Pattaya on the 10th of Sept. past   seeing this Video maybe Im putting this  hotel high on my   consideration List to try ,   i go to Thailand every 6months and stay for 6 months  Been going to Patty since late  1998  Divorced and  sold the house in Jomtien in spring  012 ,   I'll fly solo for while   "Good looking out Cheap Charlie " Ka pun Krap

wuttivai wigit says:

Standard room only B499, any hotel address for us??

sniper man says:

Good job man

Mustafa Ali says:

you should check the suite….. oh, man…. when she offered, you should had took it to see 🙂

Mustafa Ali says:

Standard room is……. wait, wait…. I check computer, first. lol

Impromptwo two says:

such a nice helpful lady

Clive Branson says:

Stayed for a Month at this place in January Loved it so much went back for another 3 months Samy the owner (Saw him in the pool) andJune his wife The best host you could ever meet and will do anything to make you stay very wellcoming Looking going back again soon

Takashi says:

good hotel but way to far need a bike or something

Fred Brice says:

Talk about a hidden gem of a resort in Pattaya! I'll have to add this to the list of places to stay and decide from there.

Andrew Perry says:

Good video Charlie,well done. I think the lady on reception did very well considering she was thrown in at the deep as the previous girl only trained her for 3 days !!! Plus having the camera on her ,it's not easy to do your job.
How do I know this,
well ………she is a very dear friend of mine.We talk pretty much everyday and I have plans to bring her to London next summer providing she can get a visa.

T H I A G O says:

Very beaultiful resort! Charlie, could you show the rooms at April Suites?

Preston Lowery says:

i think everyone would appreciate if you didn't speak in broken english to them.

JP Davis says:

You should drop in and let her know the favorable comments about her.

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