Pattaya Beach Road Walk, Visit Thailand

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show you the real Pattaya beach road, the locals and tourists, as well as westerners with Thai ladies, also street workers. watch this before go to Pattaya. Daniel world travel


Eisen J Eisen says:

At least the people are friendly and you don't need much

ninja 23 says:

Nice video , thanks for sharing ! greetz from Belgium

Johnyy Jay says:

how much for sex with prostitute there?

lord lordd says:

How are cost in Thailand of hotels and restauran ……..???????????pls

pat says:

Nice video. Casual, talking to people. Thanks.

Budi Yanto says:

Damn.. sugoiii.. kamu sangat pemberani and gentleman.. 6:47 you say.. hai… lady boy. I not lady.. oh lady boy.. hahahaha

Macshil ah says:

Maybe it's good you're leaving. You seem to eye the katoeys a lot.

Nowfaloo says:

What happened to that lady whom laying down on the ground…'

A Dad Supreme says:

10:42 No no no Daniel! It's 2017.

Dogs are ALWAYS more important than people. Didn't you get the memo? If you don't put dogs above everything else, you're scum. /wink

Moiz Farooqui says:

Come to visit Pakistan you will find amazing food natural beauty and it's cheap tho✌🏻

Jun 75 says:

She may be a He, but It is quite lovely…just beautiful.

Tien Thanh says:

Wher are you com from?

Syed Rizwan says:

Nice video again !!! Still how many days are you in Thailand any plans for India (Bangalore) kindly let me know ?

Borapa Kupas says:

Daniel, what the hell on earth are you doing in Pattaya? This is a trashy place full of fat old white men and prostitutes. This place is dangerous if you have a depression. You will become addicted to prostitutes. They can't make you happy it's an illusion.

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