Pattaya Beach Road Walk, Visit Thailand 10

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AV Daniel Violin says:

Please read my new published book: Father, Son & Violin. can read the first a few chapters free. Please do it.

FF Shih says:


T. Wist says:

A very nice journey is to take the train from Bangkok to Pattaya. It leaves early in the morning about 7 o clock at hua lampong station, only one time a day, for 34 Baht. You travel slowly through a beautiful landscape.

nick chin says:

Pattaya is for Locals and average tourist people from UK or Russia but not for rich usa people like Donald troump or his family.

Claudia Erkeloing says:

Jomtien is the bestes palce to make Holiday!!

David Whitt says:

Maybe you can start using the Youtube video stabilization that is free to use. Video is real shaky .. especially near the end when you are walking through the market area. 🙂

J says:

I have subscribed for a while and enjoy your many travels. Excellent work, Daniel.

wuttivai says:

Jomtien Beach is better than Pattaya Beach,
Start from evening to midnight, the Beach roach has many lady free lancer standing around for body sell, try to take a look.

Yojan Khadka says:

hey daniel . is better to exchange dollor at outside or at airport. ?

rk sarma mk says:

can you show me the hotel and how much it cost? which place is the best for backpacker..? like khaosan road bangkok

Raymond Teng says:

Pattaya beach is dirty and crowded,why people like that.The only thing i know is the food and lodging is cheap and a lot of women available for westerner.

Perry Jones says:

Hey Daniel – it's not polite to ask people how old they are.

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