PATTAYA / Beach Road soi8 / reasonable hotels

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Pattaya Beach Rd Soi 8 has many reasonable hotels.
On the second road side there are various affordable restaurants such as Thai, Italian and Indian cuisine.
There are bars on the beach side, and Pattaya Beach spreads beyond that.
It may be a bit noisy at night


Steve Rider says:

I like the orientation map at the beginning … thanks

Brummie Brink says:

great video bangkok 69

andy hunter says:

no voice or guidance ?

Frank Stein says:

I don't know if I am watching your videos for the wonderful walk-abouts or the great music. Keep up the good work, even though I only get to watch them to the first in video ad. I go to the next one after that. Haven't seen a full video in quite some time. 🙁

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