Pattaya Beach Road Saturday Night 10.03.2018 21:00 Thailand [Arguing]

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Peter Harrison says:

What these girls are doing is illegal, so of course putting this on YouTube is not good for them, and the fact that their friends and family can see what they are doing, a little respect wouldn’t go amiss!

P1mpMyBr1de says:

There wasn't much beach action when i was in Patty in November because of an Asian naval ceremony which was taking place

Peter Reynolds says:

It's interesting that some of the girls try to hide their face when they see the camera. Why the hell are they out there? Also quite a few of the girls seem to have fallen prey to Western ways and put on a lot of weight.

waza garf says:

did you ever think of sitting down and having a chat with them and buying them a lemonade instead of filming them like amnimals

raymond jarvis says:

if you hate video on beach road,simple DON'T FUCKING DO IT

Izzy Kat says:

disgusting and sad

Guido DeMaio says:

So many girls but hard to find one that will make your dick dance.

Harry inHuaHin says:

At ten minutes you have a caption saying you hate filming on Beach Road. I am just wondering then why you bother… Why not film stuff you do enjoy, and your enthusiasm will come across automatically in your videos, and your views might go even higher… Just a thought…

ScotchandDry says:

Sorry but I disagree with your stance here. Remember you are a guest in Thailand. These ladies don't need the 'extra' advertising' as you call it. Sorry but unsub'ed you because you seem to have a lack of respect towards these people.. I wonder if you would do the same if it was a Thai man?

Rush Smith says:

Lol ' Hey Mitdur.. no film'
I guess they should actually be thankful for the free advertising, they don't have any business these days anyway.
Another good video by the way – I like your non shaky camera and general overall quality, makes it easy to watch.

Wail fmh11 says:

Beautiful good

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

Lol, well done in calling her out, you have every right to film but she, being a pro and hiding that, is why she got angry. Her anger is with herself for choosing that life.

carrtex says:

Good on you mate. Stand your ground.

Alan Hill says:

If someone doesn’t want you to film them please respect their wishes, it’s called courtesy.

Randal Blanchette says:

Quick question. Are most of the women just hanging around near the beach working girls? As in p4p

A RaysFan says:

what kinda camera?

stormgnief says:

She just worried her sponsor will find out.She is suppose to be at farm with sick buffalo

Patrick Van Reusel says:

Unrespectfull moron.

Jersey Mike says:

What equipment do you use?

Terry Fisher says:

Great vid bud. Your quality is getting better. The point of all this is seeing how Pats is on a day to day basis. Some people don't realise this, others do. Carry on my friend.

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