Pattaya Beach Road Ladies Waiting For Customers

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A series of shots along Beach Road Pattaya. This area is known for it’s large numbers of freelance ladies. The road is approximately 3km long with ladies throughout the whole road. Peak times are 7pm to midnight.


Lorenzo A. Fernandez Jr. says:

these men are gays, they don't want sexy thighs.

Varuna Sagar says:

Best video on pattaya beach hookers; crisp and clear. Generally these women don't want to come in a camera. You must have used a hidden camera.

Tenyson1768 says:

Hi, what are your experience with pattaya freelancers. Are they ok or need to be avoided?

dwa razy trzy trzy trzy says:

Still filming prostitutes?

Y! says:

There some really cute ones in there lol, but it I had only one choice, I would go with thick whOre at 5:30; nice ass and thick legs with nice body.

John says:

what camera/lens do you record with?

Rogue Male says:

I walked along the strip last night & seen the same women! Woohooo!

Dandy D says:

Thailand is a beautiful country but life is hard for locals. Generally speaking wages are low and the cost of living is quite high. Westerners don't notice it. Or maybe they don't want to notice it. Most of these ladies sell their bodies not in order to buy luxuries but in order to make both ends meet. University students making some money to pay their tuition fees or single mothers having troubles to support their young kids with no financial support. These ladies are trying to keep some dignity anyway. Leading a poor life is not better than selling their own bodies. Don't judge unknown people too severely.

Jr nu mex says:

the women should at least face the water to act like just out for a evening stroll. then "who me, what, looking for men, i demand an apology".

Tim Bozeman says:

This video has some amazing color, and show lots of beautiful area along the beach front, also it very busy area and has many beautiful female too. I see many folks enjoy their time before cold weather comes…

frank cuomo says:

very good quality. May I know which type glass-camera ? thanks

OneLife OneLoveOneDream says:

Most of these women are not even Thai. These are Myanmar, Laos and Combodians.😱

Alan metclaff says:

How many are Male to Female Transgenders, MRE(mre3000) channel shows what to look for!

Kumaran Kutty says:

Good job. excellent.

jamez dean says:

You see all the Indian guys here because they are too tight arse to pay a bar fine !😀

Melted TV says:

Love this place

James Mayo says:

Thanks great video,me happy long timeeeeeee👍

George Hogart says:

They pay me right? Some of probably have penises and the other the CLAP. Wouldn't consider sex with them. Disgusting to think what they would give someone that wouldn't go away.

B M says:

Best image and view.

1stcaspian says:

All girls are beautiful.

Josh says:

how are you hiding the camera ?????????????????????

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:


Larry Wheels says:

Notice the Indian scum pack trying to get 5 on 1 package deal. Always in a pack.

DarkstarDarth says:

In 3rd worlds, most of these girls look at tourist like ATM machines.

anas ahammed says:

Wooooooowwww beautiful girls

dam230711 says:

Great footage of beach road..9.39 I saw Jimmy Cranky. How long she worked the strip and where's her hat?? Brilliant..Happy New year Thailand Red..


woong more more yha fuckin ….hoha..thai

Ralph Picc says:

average price??????

Gregory Fortner says:

How much for one girl?

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