Pattaya Beach Road Ladies Waiting For Customers 2

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A series of shots along Beach Road Pattaya. This area is known for it’s large numbers of freelance ladies. The road is approximately 3km long with ladies throughout the whole road. Peak times are 7pm to midnight.


suchasin says:

5.13 MIOUW 🙂

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

Those gals not getting much action lol

castortroy365 says:

A few roses amongst the thorns.
Nice filming Mr Red.

Sergey Sadykov says:

Sometimes I take girls from BR.

Bruce Kelly says:

Thought they had a crackdown and pissed them all off obviously not

ev keeney says:

The girl in the short green pull over floated my she was a real woman though.

Chronux says:

I was wondering, what do the guys say when they go up to the girls? They always ended up walking away after 5 seconds?

Mike Massino says:

6:08 Older lady had a rough life. Looks sick. Sad.

Mike Massino says:

5:09 Indians looking for a good price on a foursome. Hope she turned them down.

Dwayne Midson says:

That girl at 2:03 had some big milk going on. Does anyone know her number/line ID? Just asking for a mate.

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