Pattaya Beach Road In The Daytime

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Pattaya Beach Road In The Daytime
Shots from Pattaya Beach Road between the hours of 3:30pm to 7:30pm.

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Thor4u2nv says:

I guess the Hot girls come out at night because they sleep all day

Brummie Brink says:

Nice video, not the prettiest ladies during day time but at night there a better freelancers on beach road.

castortroy365 says:

You gotta be using something with 40-45 x optical zoom. Freakin amazing shots!

Albert Ortega says:

Are there any hot Russian Female Freelancer in Pattaya?

Enter the future 2025 says:

I pulled out my fishing pole but the women not biting 6:44

Geeky Ashim says:

They all look sad. All they need is bang

The Man says:

10:18 now she's a cutie!

Manu Nes says:

as always , steady , calm camera work with good shots and cutting

cfc1001001cfc says:

Chang pants FTW at 10:44 😛

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

Nice vid, sad ol buggers on the statue step

ccammy1 says:

Ugly day on beach road

Brian Munich says:

3.08, the Gorilla picking it's buddies hair… Aye, something about a chubby Asian! Actually not the worst looking either.

Brian Munich says:

1.05 Proof you can't polish a turd

Gregory Fortner says:

It looks like recreation time at the old folks home.

Gregory Fortner says:

Are those the geriatric hookers in the daytime?

Алексей Евдокимов says:

1:34, эту девушку зовут Ирина, она из Узбекистана. Её и ещё нескольких девушек обманули. Женщина, которая привезла их в Таиланд и обещала дать работу, жильё, забрала паспорт Ирины и пропала с ним. Теперь она без документов, выехать из страны не может, вынуждена зарабатывать своим телом. Дома в Узбекистане у неё остался сын. Вот её история:
1:34, this girl is Irina, she from is Uzbekistan. She and several other girls were deceived. The woman who brought them to Thailand and promised to give work, housing, took Irina's passport and disappeared with him. Now she is without documents, she can not leave the country, she has to earn with her body. She had a son at home in Uzbekistan. Here is her history:

Muadib223 says:

Just dreadful… I remember when the Coconut Bar had slim, attractive girls trying to make an extra satang… Now it's slapper city…

KyronQuest says:

I’m sure all the girls here have lovely personalities though

A RaysFan says:

@4:14 coconut bar lady…Nike sneakers and iPhone 555

Сеня Гаврилов says:

You specifically choose not beautiful women?

Nilesh Shah says:

Things have changed in pattaya I has visited Feb 2018 .

Not same as was last year .

Price gone up .

People not same as were before

manbeastx69 says:

So many sad people with sad lives.

TheLemminkainen says:

Place were Stake &BJ is on every day

Bobby Rewing says:

you are ***the ONLY one*** to film close-ups of people …. nice work !

Mister Diablo says:

The monsters come out during the day.

Swaggerlot says:

I'd sooner knock the top off in the shower than pay for some of those beasties.

Jean-Paul Voets says:

WoW this is an amazing video, I do appriciate you're work Red.
Some priceless comments in the video ……………….. ''lived hapily after all''

Al says:

Can't help wonder what each persons situation is. Some look dire.

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