Pattaya Beach Road Friday Night 20.01.2018 About 2:00am

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Time 9:00 FL love me so much…


Mutita Thongpool says:


Ruud Oostveen says:

June 20 2018 at the end is a little mistake
Other than that its a nice video 🙂

sandnes2504 says: are a gentleman..
Everybody just films…and dont care. Look at youtube..full of beah road.
Of course..they don't want to be filmed..however..there are no rules.
Hore is a hore…LOL-

I was in Berlin.and..women got..explosive..and asked me to delete..the footage….else they will smash my video camera.

sandnes2504 says:

This video doest make any sense…
Please film sexy girls for us..

Michael Mc Daniel says:

I counted 123 freelancers at 1250am and zero at 515 am

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