Pattaya Beach Road Changed! (Freelance disappeared)

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Pattaya Beach Road has changed in November 2017.
Beautifully decorated with electric decoration, the road was very bright and beautiful.
Sales of stalls in the beach road were prohibited.
And there was no freelance woman.
Tried walking from Soi 6 to Mike Shopping Mall, but there were only a few people to see.
Although it is not the same place, will also post a video of Pattaya Beach Road in October 2017 as a comparison.


bigferntx says:

easy on the ads

Bretwalda Blah Blah Blah says:

they stayed home sad at trumps triumph for at least one month methnx

Anne-lore Adan says:

very nice next year our holiday will start at pattaya

Mich Ches says:

Thailand is becoming a very civilized country I believe alot of this will not be in the near future.

Dj Morris Tate says:

So where have all the girls gone ?


Start's camera moving…Nice..Thereafter camera moving.. Jerk…

Sodapop Curtis says:

yeah 35 min comparison video was probably not the best idea, but I appreciate the effort.

Mustafa Ali says:

Those freelancers are NOT GONE but still can be found at Walking Street and other parts of town. Frankly speaking, by viewing this video….. had anyone notice the walkways are wet and soaked? It's the raining season, so who want to "hang out" if its raining heavily and get wet there after? That will be bad for these women. Try the following night or another location. You will surely spot them in Pattaya

Graham Johnson says:

What was the point of this video? a waste of 35 minutes, 1.41 minutes could have told the same.

The Land Of Smiles says:

nice video please subscribe to my channel i just started vlogging thanks

Stluis 21 says:

Do you need an unlocked phone for service out there?

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