Pattaya Beach Road and the Dodgy Chicane – Vlog 121

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Pattaya Beach Road and the Dodgy Chicane – Vlog 121

A Pattaya Vlog where I took a stroll from Central Pattaya road to Soi 8 at sunset. Then I took a mototaxi to Soi Buakhao, and had a quick beer at the dodgy Soi Buakhao chicane.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Central Pattaya Road to Soi 8
3:43 Sunset at Pattaya Beach near the Hilton hotel
6:22 Mototaxi ride via Soi Diana to Soi Buakhao
12:04 Having a beer by the dodgy chicane on Soi Buakhao
14:53 Outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar on Bangla Road, Patong

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Easy R-Con bar on Soi Buakhao has been added to the Pattaya guide.

Additional info:

Prosthetic leg guy

I’ve seen a few guys in Pattaya who have a disability or prosthetic limb. I’m sure that some are living on disability living allowance from the West. The cheap cost of living and tropical climate in Thailand must be very attractive rather than living holed up somewhere in the West, especially around winter time.

World Wide Agogo is no more

This gogo bar closed for good in October 2016, and had been open for decades since Beach Road was nothing more than a dirt track. I’d never ventured inside myself, and now will never know what it was like.

Running a bar in Thailand can be very unforgiving and times change. If a bar doesn’t adapt to the current trends or stand out by being unique in some way it’s scary how quick they can go out of business.

Electrical box left wide open!

I’m not sure what was going on here, maybe someone opened it looking to steal something, or maybe someone was fixing it and left it open. Either way, with children walking past it was a health and safety disaster!

Royal Cliff Garden Condominium

On Pratumnak hill there are 4 tower blocks that stand out, this is the Royal Cliff condos that were built in 1997. When I checked they were luxury apartments only and the smallest one for sale was 3 bedroom at half a million bucks.

Next to the Hilton hotel is View Talay 6 apartment block built in 2008. It has a variety of units available from small studios priced around $111k. This is the apartment block where the famous Tim Sharky resides, and is a common last stop for people wishing to join the Pattaya flying club.

Hazard lights means you are going straight??!!!

In Thailand cars going straight at intersections sometimes put on their hazard lights to indicate they are going straight. I’m not sure if this is taught in the driving schools of Thailand, but it’s a curious thing and definitely be aware of this if you’re on the roads.

Soi Buakhao dangerous, crazy road

At around 10:22 we pass the Soi Buakhao entrance to LK Metro. There were many parked cars, motorbikes overtaking on the wrong side, pedestrians walking, people pulling out of side roads all leading to very hazardous driving conditions and not for the faint hearted. Ride/drive defensively in Thailand especially in conditions such as these.

The Soi Buakhao dodgy chicane

This part of the road at the north end of Soi Buakhao is a bit bonkers. It’s a sweeping chicane with no sidewalks and small alleys that veer off it. If you sip a beer in one of the nearby bars see how many near misses you can count as it’s definitely a hotspot for traffic accidents.

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Andrew Sekay says:

good video

Hank Roedell says:

Nice video, thanks for the steady camera.

Bolanboogie100 says:

looks like BLACKPOOL on STERIODS !

Father Bertolucci says:

Thailand: A land untouched by modern public safety standards.

أحمد علي حمدي Ahmed Hamdi says:

O my god so nice

deniz elli says:

Those cables and wires are so annoying.

Joe Nodrag says:

You should go undercover and talk to these women!

Percy Toplis says:

It feels like you were really there.

jammy jackson says:

I like to get the freelancer early in hear shift . Before she gets to SLOPPY

D 3 says:

What a dump

EAST SIDE DJ HIRE music says:

I really really don't see the attraction. Absolute festering diseased shithole like bali.

69liverpoollad says:

His Thai is very good.

Campervan Elvis I toof on you says:

A poor man's Las Vegas Nevada

madmacc040 says:

i call them niggers white niggers .thank you

rtgbrough says:

Why would anybody pay 4million baht for a tiny condo on 2nd road. The view across the road is Soi Made in Thailand and the roof of a shitty bar complex. Traffic, noise, and pollution 24/7. No thank you.

Sawadeecat. Don't give us that stale line about not knowing he was a tranny. If I had 5baht for every time I've heard that same BS I could buy out Tesco Lotus for cash. It's cool man, you like to suck a little cock and take one in the ass while on vacation. Hey, we don't judge.

Aman Gautam says:

your vedio is very nice. i getting lot of information keep it up man

The Thrillz says:

I love people watching it's Awesome. Look at all those Great People having fun it's Epic. The sign says "We are the World" it's True. Everyone just wants to have fun and are doing their best. I love it

gk10002000 says:

love KISS. used to stay at intown holiday on that street. got run down worse and worse every year. great location though

gk10002000 says:

wow. world wide closed. first went in 2004

MilesDei says:

Pattaya absolutely must make the roads and traffic around there safer for both traffic and pedestrians, they need to put in crosswalks and then make a law that you must stop if a pedestrian is crossing and then they need to enforce it strongly.

Rex Lu says:

3:54 I'm pretty sure they are Chinese. Thanks for all your videos.

BIGNIC says:

Enjoyed this one. Have you ever done any on Jomtiem Beach or have just not searched hard enough?

sitieneshambrecome says:

11:03 post falling from cables over weight

niteray says:

Your videos make me miss Pattaya so much…

ken diment says:

That's a phone junction box..

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