Pattaya Beach Road AFTER Dark 2018 [Reupload]

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Pattaya Beach Road AFTER Dark 2018 [Reupload]

Sorry for reuploading this video, there’s some errors need to be fixed.


MonSta SupaSta says:

Negotiation was that you want her for tonight inni bro…lOl😂😂😂


13:52 first girl with hot shape👌🏻

homsabaidee homsabaidee says:

how much Baht for one short 1 hour and price for overnight ???

smuge123 says:

awesome vid mate. whats the name of the track at the beginning please?

david hayes says:

Rather pick a lady from a bar than beach road been to pattaya last 6 years and never took a lady from beach road and never will

wieland8 says:

every girl you bring back to you hotel r need to leave her id by the desk from the hotel or you can take a photo of the id of the girl you with

Go1 says:

why should you check the elbows ? (just interested).

Luoy Chau says:

Ouch! STD, 2 hours of happiness long year of suffering.

Sindhu Pokhariyal says:

14:15 he was asking weather he wants to do short time or full night

gruu says:

interesting and informative video!

lostpung says:

Please do the same video of area near "Sun city pattaya by Infinity hotels" Pattaya Sai 2 rd

mralfiebob says:

Interesting, but sensible info given, enjoyed watching, but was surprised to see that the cheapest ST was 600, was lead to believe it was less than that, presumably it is due to the ''rising'' economy lol.

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