Pattaya Beach – August 2016

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Pattaya Beach – August 2016

When I stayed at Pattaya Blue Sky hotel on Soi 5 I took a stroll down to the beach and Soi 6 one boiling hot afternoon and recorded some footage.

Pattaya beach gets a bad rep, and granted it is a little scruffy in parts. But I still like it, and if they can improve the water quality and clean up the beach more it could become an asset to the city once again.

For Essential Pattaya Hotel information see here:

The Stolen Car by Olivaw
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Ceasar Mejia says:

I really enjoyed myself in Pattaya, prefer it over Bangkok. I love the beautiful country and people of Thailand.

danaman says:

Beach is very dirty I wouldn't swim in it

Adney Murakami says:

Very nice video.. clear

Fred Brice says:

You know, Pattaya and Thailand in general I've always considered my second home. It never ceases to amaze me how many tourists buses I see every time I go here. Before I forget, how much is a room at that hotel? Couldn't find any prices on their website.

Didier Plouhinec says:

You do not see me picking up the pieces of broken bottles on the beach?About 1,5 kg in one hour. I did it hoping this night no kid will go to hospital with a serious wound on the foot. Pattaya beach is so dirty,and at night so many rats too!

wai lam says:

i dont like Cakes MacGowan said about Chinese XXX….i will go away this guy

Wanwisa Ninsalab says:

saying what they think….. no comments!!!!

CF Moto Z8 says:

Wow the beach looks quiet, you can actually cross the road, and find a nice spot on the Beach. I like it better than Phuket I think.

Barry Gallant says:

Hey, you could have cut out the scene at 2:35 ha ha ha I would have rather a nice Thai girl shot. Good video otherwise.

Arghya Roy says:

Always watch your videos whenever I miss patts. Thanks mak mak 🙂

Don Tamba says:

Mr.112—thank you again for an excellent soundtrack selection…I've already added that one to my soundcloud playlist. Amazing how the brilliant tropical sunlight lends another appearance to the Pattaya beachside… fact, doesn't seem like Pattaya…but another place.

Brummie Brink says:

lie your videos, go on men. wanna see more. maybe next time do video on beach road at night. have great times with beach road girls..

Brian Cartoscelli says:

speaking about myself I'll probably never be able to travel so these videos are always a pleasure to watch

Steve Fox says:

3:43 all those signs in soi 6; looks like something straight out of cyberpunk setting — I never did notice those signs when I was there, I was preoccupied hehe. And again — as always, good work BKK112.

Sven Dutch says:

Love these video's. great sound and checking the scenery.

The Master says:

Great music. Keep up the good work…

Linda McNamara says:

Stayed here not a bad hotel Pattaya blue sky .. Cheers for the updates and loving the vids

Attila Morvai says:

it is true what people say…that pattaya is the a-hole of thailand..?

Tekeoğlu says:

So much "trans" in Thailand

Adamz72 says:

Keep up the good work.

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