Pattaya Apartment Tour | Finding Accommodation in Pattaya/Jomtien

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In this video I show you my new apartment in Jomtien for the next month!

The cost is 11,000 baht plus an additional 700 baht for internet.
I also give some advice at the end for finding accommodation when you come to Pattaya!

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anony says:

I need a dedicated fiber line in Pattaya somewhere… here now if you know any agents to direct me to..

Leo Jonkers says:

That is really cheap for such a nice place!

James Tough says:

First of all, It's only a kilometre from the beach sounds like a bit of a hike. Secondly, you will find it hard to get a deal like this one while not being there or doing it on the internet. Thirdly you will only get a deal this low if you are going to be staying for a longer period of time about 6 months plus. if you are staying for a month the prices are based on this so are charged accordingly. this is due to some people renting and trashing there accommodation. On top of this there are other factors like the electricity, room cleaning and satalite tv , you might need an upgrade

brad says:

but bad position

Mel Janesko says:

Nice place… I'm planning to go for 2 weeks. Can you bring a guest to the apartment. Example if I meet a girl at a club or something. I'm mainly going to have a good time but i don't want to be stop by security when I bring a girl to my room. Is it safe to bring random girls to your room?

melbourne city viewing says:

just went on agoda and it was almost 1500aud for a month for the 1 bedroom apartment

Jayne Callender says:

Aw this is beautiful 😍 can't wait to get back to Thailand!!

Stuart Murray says:

Was there a deposit .??

Terry James says:

hi did the room have a safety box?

Dennis de Ruiter says:

For long stay (6 month+) best look here:
For short ( 1 month ) best look here:

Hindi Illuminati says:

Is it guest friendly if I want to bring someone home

Rob 1n says:

Its ok if your content to be rather a long way out from central Pattaya ( near south end of Jomtien) You will need a motorbike or if not the songtaews run from jomtien beach road all the way to Naklua at the north end of Pattaya. Not the best option if you want the night life, but sound if you want to stay around Jomtien .

Oliver Robin says:

Can I rent for only 1 month?

John Doe says:

Adrian, cool and informative, Aussie style 🙂 Thanks

Chris Canberra says:

Man nice looking pool and gym isn't too bad either!! May have to hit up Pattaya at some point! Enjoy the Zon bro!

Pumpui Falang says:

No shitting in the pool, really glad somebody put that sign up cause some people dont know not to do that LOL

Vlad Traykov says:

Great tour video Adrian. Pattaya looks like a place where I definitely have to visit! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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