Pattaya 11pm to 5am – It gets MESSY!!!

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Pattaya 11pm to 5am – It gets MESSY!!!
Clips from around Pattaya Walking Street between the hours of 11pm to 5am . This is the most popular nightlife spot in Pattaya Thaialnd.
The nightlife here consists of beer bars, gogo bars, street freelancers and disco freelancers.
In this video I also visit Marine disco, a popular freelancer nightclub.


Chronux says:

Whats the over the counter pill called that lets you keep a boner? Like viagara but without prescription

Hilda Hernandez says:

I might be the only girl who likes these videos enough to be shy and comment on how sexy these chicks are .

Lito Save says:

They look like monkeys.

Toruk Makto says:

2:43. I don't think those guys realise that they're negotiating with a ladyboy.

Al Rodriguez says:

Why are they beating up the guy

A Twogun says:

What a shit hole. Everyone looks so cheap. Maybe 1 girl in the entire video I found attractive.


Hi and thanks for the vid, may I ask how much for barfing a Russian lady also there're many russian freelancers ??

jsperan49 says:

Are the girls that stand outside of skyfall bar gars? @15 second beginning of video the one on far right is my favorite. Awesome body! Are girls like this common or rare to see? Not so stick thin

Bondo says:

Watching all these videos would appear Thai women can't dance. Don't want to dance. Just there for the money

Pervy Sage says:

Asian tourists have more money than westerners. In western countries any old Joe or Johann can go on foreign vacations whereas in Asian countries you have to be straight up rich to get out of your country.

Tshiten tamang. says:

Thanks for the video

Tracy Beckett says:

Astounding video all round. T.R. Once again, you deliver professional 'Fly on The Wall' Footage. Thank You!

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