Pattaya : 10 Tips you need to know – part 1/2

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10 useful Tips you need to know when you come to Pattaya,
Tip 1 to 5.
This also is useful to Phuket or Bangkok where you visit the nightlife, disco’s and beer bars. These are not general travel tips. But more specific to those area’s.
You can watch them here in part 2 :

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vinkkejä Thaimaa
conseils sur la Thaïlande.
Советы о Таиланде
10 вещей, которые вы должны знать о Паттайе.
10 ting, du behøver at vide om pattaya
10 चीजें आप पटाया के बारे में पता करने की जरूरत है.
10 belangrijke tips over Pattaya


Mário Nhatitima says:

thanks for the tips. first time i was in thailand my girlfriend was with me and each one looked after another and there were no big issues. this time i want to go alone to enjoy a diferent experience and those tips are very important for me.

Realm says:

Thailand wins for sexier girls, short time professional bar girl fun, Philippines is better for the longer stay GF experience experience

9tarko says:

thanks Steff. It was time some vlogger gave these vital tips and congrats to you for well justified insight..

Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Sorry Steff, I really disagree with two things. I have met over 500 Thai freelancers in my life and never had a problem with them. I don't however pick them up from Beach Road (which does have some dicey ladies) but from Walking Street nightclubs. Also I disagree with the bargaining part, a lot of girls will shoot a high price just to see if the guy bites but many will be happy to go 50% or even 75% lower than their high price. I usually don't discuss money in the first place however and just pick the freelancers up from discos and give them a tip in the morning.

Stephen Harrington says:

For a newbie it can be like a rabbit caught in headlights safer way to travel to Thailand for 1st time is to try and go with a good friend preferably who may have been there before.

Joie Amper says:

this was very helpful thanks says:

Great Video

TheRobertino2001 says:

It's usually safe to go with a freelancer, if you're staying at a hotel, because they will take her ID, photocopy it and keep it in the safe overnight. The next morning when she goes to leave, reception will phone your room to see is everything ok before she gets her ID back. So you can go to sleep knowing that when you wake up, she, along with your wallet won't have disappeared. If you're renting an apartment, stick to bar girls. Enjoy ur hols!!

alllives matter says:

Westerners who go to third world toilets to exploit the poor get exactly what they deserve when they are exploited in return by pick pockets and thieves.  Cheers from a Kiwi with morals and ethics.

Thoy's Thai Food Videos On Youtube says:

Good tips
Please cross subscribe

Michael Thompson says:

Great video Steff. Everyone visiting Thailand should watch this and i totally agree with everything although 4k seems a bit greedy. You should learn to take one girl back at a time and not 4 haha. Doesnt Kevin Burt say never pay more than 1000 baht. Anyway you know the crack Steff so when you create a video like this then everyone should take notice!

H Max says:

I have tip. Don't believe the hype you see here in you tube. The
videos are more glamorous than actually being there. I now believe that many videos are over hyped promotions by bar owner or those who may have a stake in Pattaya tourism. Walking Street is nothing more than a dirty-sewage smelling-tourist trap. Don't believe
that a Thai lady's good looks and sexy appearance is any judge of how
she is going to be in bed. Cold-methodical and clock watching is what you would expect from Thai prostitutes. Don't think that paying for Long Time is an all night sex session because is not. One shot when you get to the hotel and another at around 4 or 5 a.m. before she leaves to " me take care baby".

Pumpui Falang says:

Most of these tips are based on urban myths and personal biased opinions

MARILYN19481 says:

In many countries and cities around the world it is expected that one will debate the price of an item in outdoor markets where there is no price on the goods one wishes to purchase. Is this the case in Thailand or Pattaya?

Richard Garnache says:

4 is completely stipid.  Thailand is a negiotating culture its EXPECTED nothing wrong with bargining with anyone in Thailand over anything.

nathancad says:

Here are 14 tips for you all
1..most important .dont get too drunk, easiest way to get your self fucked up and in trouble
2…dont fall in love
3…only have short time, never get long time, some are hard to get rid of the next day.
4..dont give them any more money than you have to. her mother is not sick, she doesn't need money in her phone and the water buffalo back on her farm has not sprung a leak.
5…never ever invest any money there
6..dont believe a single word that comes out of her mouth
7..your bar girl is not different from the others, you cant change her, she just wants to suck cock. and shes probably got 10 other boyfriends sponsoring her.
8…stay away from lady boys, they are all trouble
9..always discuss the price of any money transaction first (especially girls)
10..never feel sorry for the girls, ive never met one yet that thinks shes a victim, they make more money than the average American business man
11…stay off motor bikes,
13…Stay humble. Never argue with a Thai person, you will never ever win.
14..set your self up so you can just pack up and leave that day, just in case shit hits the fan

HjerneStimulanz says:

good advise

D4nie1TV Thailand says:

Damn I break every rule, wonder what the next 5 are :-O

Steff's Thailand Travel says:

For now 5 useful Tips you need to know when you come to Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok and visit the nightlife, disco's and beer bars.  These are not general travel tips but more specific to those area's.  
5 more coming up soon.    You can watch them here in part 2 :

Feel free to comment below if you have more tips or suggestions.
Please be polite.

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