Patong Nightlife, Phuket 2017 – Vlog 205

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Patong Nightlife, Phuket 2017 – Vlog 205

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A video of a night out at Patong, Thailand. I first had a pizza, then hit the bars on Bangla Road. This video starts at 9pm and is the first of 3 parts.

Bangla Road is the centre of nightlife for the popular Thai holiday destination that is Phuket.

It’s a great place for bar hopping, with many regular bars, beer bars, gogo bars, live music bars and nightclubs all on one street!

There are lots of touts around, but if you walk with a beer in hand or a camera then generally they leave you alone.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Preview of the whole night
3:26 Summer Breeze hotel
4:11 Having a pizza before hitting the bars
6:24 Bangla Road start
10:20 Ping pong show touts, prices
11:34 Crazy Horse Circus & Bar Funk 3 – both must visits
14:17 First beer of the night at the IQ beer bar
18:18 Bangla Road bars
19:20 Scooter’s bar
20:16 Pum Pui bar, naughty nurse theme night
22:00 Moulin Rouge bar
22:22 Patong beach at 23;30pm
23:38 Outro

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First song
Song: Giraffe Squad – Wait For Me [NCS Release]
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2nd song
Cooperation Road – Unicorn Heads

Outro Music:


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Thanks for watching and have a great day!

Kenneth Johnson says:

I would do chickie @ 11:00……. but dude/girl ? @ 11:05 is packing one bigger than mine…. lol

christopherewens says:

BKK112 is the reason I when to Patong. Always good footage and everything shown is 1000% better live. So don’t doubt, come and live the dream 😊

Nikola Zaykov says:

Very good video man… I miss Thailand, I hope one day up retire there!

Chris Hansen says:

17:38 whatever she drank must have tasted shit

shitmandood says:

Phuket looks so over-developed from how it looked in 2002. It looks more like a city than a beach town. Too over-populated. What a shame.

shitmandood says:

Holy shit! I stayed at Summer Breeze back in 2002…lol. It's nice to see that some things stay the same. 🙂


nice thanks for sharing

Joseph Preston says:

In your Patong Nightlife, Phuket 2016 – VLOG 63…there is a girl there at 2.45…in glasses…she is amazing…I would travel there just to meet her. Is she the same one in this video?

ulrich micheel says:

Nice Videos!!! Can you make an upgrade of quality in 4K or HD 60p? 🙂

Duc Nguyen says:

The girl with the shirt hair at 14:41 got me weak in the knees watching her walk away….my God that girl thic.

Franz Salvatore says:

excuse me bkk112, i m Italian and i can't see hawaian pizza…omg this is nt a pizza …it's a blasphemy hahahaha…

4vndd says:

Just subscribed..and am really impressed with the way your videos are presented..clear and crisp camera work..and you have a real insight in your presentations..the ones that stand out are the ones on soi6 and Phuket.. superb background music too… thanks for sharing and look forward to more in the future.. cheers mate..!

profchaos9001 says:

Whats up with the wifebeaters gang lol 19:00

Mustafa Ali says:

Ladyboys spotted 🙂

Russell Redd says:

I didn't realize there was sooo many beautiful women there

Maynardj says:


Lancashirelad says:

3:33 that's the way I always close hotel room doors too, no need to slam them.

Ian UK says:

Pizza and beer, that would be the ruin of me on a night out, for me that is the definition of bloated. I can do either/or no problem but bread and beer is bloated belly time for me. What is great about these blogs is the people watching and experienced authentic commentary, very much like being in a bar watching the world go by, which used to be 90% of what I used to do on holiday in Thailand, just relax in a bar, and watch the world go by. A lively not too noisy spot is always nice of course. Keep up the good work Bangkok 112. Like most everyone who watches your show, we all wonder what you do for a living?

ทัตติกา หวุ่นสกุล says:


Steven H says:

I thought you were an alright bloke until I saw that pineapple on your pizza.

vf traveler says:

Good morning. You have a familiar view from the Summer Breeze. Starting in mid October, I spent 3 weeks plus in room 201 below you here… selected from your hotel list by the way. The location is fantastic. Are you still in Patong? I spent many of my afternoons in Kangaroo 2 Bar and would really enjoy a video captured there. Thanks

Keith Burns says:

At 11.00 in what looked like a new bar next to Rock Hard Crasy Girls, is going to be the new THE PIZZA COMPANY restaurant , opening before Christmas.

LegendaryOn99 says:

Can you bar fine the ladies at Pum Pui Bar?

p.c. mat says:

@3.12 Escort boy?

Chris L says:

Great music mix and edit
The timing was on point !!

Abe Ltoru says:

too many girls , too little time. Gd work, mate.

Oh Its WiTT says:

I'll be there December 20th so if you want a chang beer I got you. (Pattya and Bkk) cheers!

Jeff D says:

LOL that was 1 happy guy at the bar

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