Patong Night Scenes – Phuket Thailand

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Patong Night Scenes – Phuket Thailand Vlog 04

A series of scenes showing the nightlife of Patong, Phuket Thailand.

We show the girls dancing along bangla road. The nightlife of different clubs, gogo bars, live music.

This video was all filmed along Bangla Road, Phuket Thailand. Bangla Road is the largest Red light district of Phuket. With lots of gogo bars, beer bars, nightclubs and more nightlife.

Bangla Road is the centre of nightlife for the popular holiday destination of Patong.

It’s a great place for bar hopping, with many regular bars, beer bars, gogo bars, live music bars and nightclubs all on one street!


Eric Von Zipper says:

Girls look a little silly standing on stage like they are trying to dance.

Arbiter says:

Sort of a techno horror. Must have been something else back in the 1960s . . .

Mick Eimer says:

Who remembers the shark club ?

Vandie Porter says:

6:28 THRASHER , I bet she would break her ass the first time she stepped on a skateboard

joe jones says:

If you want to get in on the Bangkok action, you better do it fats. I was just reading that there have been numerous police crackdowns on these operations, because the new minister of tourism in Thailand wants to shut down the country's prostitution industry

ben robinson says:

The look on the old ladys face @ 4:58……..priceless

Ilyas koshani says:

you uploade it on march first, is it high season in Thailand or low season?

Model Chaser says:

@3:55 love me my hot little spinners! 🙂

Dan Bortaff says:

Lot of nice ass there, especially the girl @ 2:00

Mojo Clov3 says:

4:54 a wild shamoo appears. Gosh its hideous. Someone get it back in the ocean

stanly says:

Thailand is please for triple f. Find a girl,Fuck a girl and then Fuck off. They are after your money and you are after sex. This is their a business
and your have a please. Have a nice time.

Sujan Moktan says:

Where is this

Stefania C. Vaz says:

essas mulheres não dançam. Muito sem graça

Dangerous RC productions says:

You say "meow crap" they leave you alone

johnnyvee333 says:

Girl in black at 2:00
That`s a 10 in my book:)

Kenny Johnson says:

Is that a girl in the black dress @ 7:56 ? I can see a adam's apple throat thing going on?? Dunno? Cute if is a girl ; . )

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