Patong in the Daytime – Phuket, Thailand

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Patong in the Daytime – Phuket, Thailand – Vlog 214

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A video in the daytime in Patong, Thailand. I checked out of Summer Breeze and into Sea Cono hotel. Then did a 7-Eleven run and chilled out in the afternoon watching YouTube in a very nice Grand Superior room at Sea Cono…

Parts of this video include:
0:04 View from my Summer Breeze hotel room inc a look at Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa
2:22 Soi Sansabai
3:14 Gig hotel, not guest friendly in the high season (1000 baht fee for a lady)
4:19 Drinking as much water as possible, too much booze the night before
6:20 Checking into Sea Cono hotel
7:10 Soi Sansabai hotels, bad wiring, bad parking and waste trucks
8:40 Typical Bkk112 7-Eleven run
10:57 Late lunch from 7-Eleven
12:44 Sea Cono rooftop pool and views
15:09 Why Sea Cono was my favourite hotel on my last Patong visit…
16:13 Balcony views, and a typical Phuket rain shower
17:45 Outro

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1st song
lakey Inspired – Sweet Dreams

2nd song
Ipanema Daydream – YouTube audio library

3rd song
Pas de Deux – YouTube audio library

Outro song
Rheya – Wild Nothing (cover)


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What do you buy when you visit 7-Eleven?


dont know if u drink it whats the scottish whisky prices out there

Turki Arar says:

I've seen a video of you about Sea Cono hotel
And after your advice I was the last year of April in Phuket

I stayed at the hotel for a week and had a good choice


Beer Monkey says:

I stayed at the Yorkshire,twelve year's ago for a thousand Baht.I hear it has a good gym and a Pool now.

Mark Bonczewski says:

Hi just starting to plan my first trip i am from usa, can u recommend a 5 star hotel in Phuket, as money is no problem… then i would get a cheap hotel for girls,,, NO bugs,great pool and super modern room…

kinglan78 says:

@2:10 rough life

JIMMIE C says:

They take EBT ha ha just joking

JIMMIE C says:

Just imagine what you can do with a drone, that would enhance the picture taking to a new level…..

steven wilcoxen says:

Gotta do the 7-11 runs, right? Water, Gatoraide, chocolate and chips…and maybe some cookies….teehee

максим хабиров says:


Dragan Jovanovic says:

Great choice of music.
Food is cheep in thailand…

BT S says:

Honestly don't understand why anyone let alone a tourist would want to eat lunch at a 7/11 when there are tonnes of great places to eat nearby.

Brummie Brink says:

Great and very good video. Greetings from Holland

ZiggleFingers says:

At 7-11 I buy:
Instant coffee
Electrolyte powder to mix in water I get from the water filling machines
Activated Charcoal caps in case I have a bad meal, or just after one too many
Green curry noodle in a cup
Steam buns
Toilet paper when renting monhly
the frozen and refridgerated meals that they heat up
and of course the toasty sandwiches

andreas T says:

hey bkk 112 love your videos , i wanna ask what time / month considered low season in thailand , i wanna go at low season coz i don't like too much crowd

Dee mix says:

Thanks for getting "Rheya" in there. Youtube channels could be so much more entertaining IMO without these copyright tag issues effecting monetization. I'll be honest, I hated your music at first but it's actually perfect and feeds the long term addiction I have for your channel. You choices are spot on, like a soundtrack pro.

Tay Veng Keong says:

2.18 THAT FREELANCE girl looks awfully skinny. BTW i am planning to go to Patong again for Songkran festival

Kae Pugna says:

1:07 Jesus Lord! she got some meat on her!

Jaxon2000 gr8 says:

Hey Bangkok 112 is the Orchid Resortel still guest friendly?

cubbiotti1980 says:

I love your vlogs. Way better then watching someone's face vloging instead of actually showing surroundings.

SuperPerfektionist says:

11:23 (top right) you got condoms from the hotel service??? xD

CyberAtlant says:

Now in 7 eleven can buy chicken legs! This is new food in 7 eleven! Very testy!

Treeya Thanya says:


Thomas Gustavsson says:

How was the bed at Sea Cono? Those hard beds are killing me.
I stayed at Summer Breeze in 2001. Compared the furniture to my old photo´s.
It´s still the same furniture both in restaurant and in rooms… must be good quality 🙂

majestik101 says:

Yep, thet Rheya song is beautiful. Added to my favourites list. You would probably like Comfort Zone by General Fuzz. Can be found on YT also. Great song that is similar that I think you may enjoy.
Thanks for the musical recommendation and safe travels to you!

Terje D says:

That 7/11 is the one I visited the most in Thailand for sure. But buying plastic wrapped bananas is a big NO! As if 7/11 is not giving away enough plastic already. With so many markets around, like Banzaan Market only a few minutes walk away I always stock up some fresh fruit from there.

Sonny Jim in Thailand says:

Glad I am not the only one using the 7 11 hangover cure. I like the steamedb savoury pork buns or dumplings known as pao from there and the chocolate milk is good too. Nice hotel review as always. 7 11 rock!!!

Wail fmh11 says:

Damn good filming.

Raf Zero says:

7-11 in Thailand is def the beer go to spot for me personally haha

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