Patong In The Daytime – Phuket Island 2018

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MrKikoboy says:

3:42 – Cinderella arrives early for the party…..

The Fair Justice says:

Just asking here but since when was the UK not in Europe? And who moved it?

german411 says:

I bet you Boink a lot of ladyboys while you were in Thailand,you seem the type.

Brummie Brink says:

Great video food Travel 101. Had great times at Bangla Road

Darry says:


Jgrant138 Grant says:

What a bore, and the exchange rate in the uk is shite

Parrales Fernandez says:

She married her first love

Tong Black says:

还没演够吗?垃圾们。不累吗?一直这样演。演来演去,不就Batu niah 路口买菜的啊弟,老婆邓碧风QTP8958.到处男人带去酒店做爱。

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