Patong in the Daytime, Phuket 2016 – VLOG 106

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Patong in the Daytime, Phuket 2016 – VLOG 106

A video of some day scenes in Patong, Thailand.

If you are thinking of booking a hotel in Patong then see this guide for essential tips:

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Quick walk around Near Bangla Road and Soi Sansabai after I arrived. Buying a bad coconut for 50 baht.
2:00 Balcony Watch – Patong edition 🙂
3:40 Going for a full English breakfast at Sansabai Sports bar, 180 baht
5:47 Late afternoon scenes and heading to a new hotel
7:40 C & N hotel
10:03 Operating an in room safe – using the classic Boob passcode 🙂
12:00 Bathroom
13:02 Late night music from Tai Pan nighclub, meaning I couldn’t sleep
13:43 Poledancer outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar on Bangla Road

Additional Notes:

As many tourists pass through Patong, the local vendors on the central streets don’t get many repeat customers. That’s why the fruit seller can get away with selling subpar coconuts etc with little to no effect on their trade. Something to bear in mind when dealing with the locals.

Balcony Watch

I couldn’t resist another episode of balcony watch, seeing as I was not given a sea view and only had a sea of balconies around me.

Gig hotel now not guest friendly

As of early November 2016 the Gig hotel (my previous number 1 recommendation) charges 1000 baht to bring a lady back to the room, regardless if you stay alone or not.

Looks like pure greed for the high season rather than changing to be a family/couple friendly hotel. The thing is they are a decent hotel with a great rooftop pool in a great location so it’s a shame. Almost all male solo travellers will be put off by this new policy – I know I won’t be staying there again.

Sansabai Sports Bar

This small bar is popular with Aussie’s, and I was more than happy with my 180 baht full English Breakfast. My hangover was a distant memory on leaving.

Rain in Patong

Phuket receives a lot more rain than Pattaya and Bangkok so if you are holidaying there during the rainy season the prices are lower but you roll the dice with the weather. It rained 3 out of 4 days I was there, and not just short showers.

Number 6 Restaurant

This cheap Thai food restaurant always has long queues outside, and receives great reviews on tripadviser. If you are planning to visit then maybe try to go outside of peak hours.

C & N Hotel

I booked a studio room and it was obvious from the old plug sockets and bottle opener in the bathroom that it was a very old hotel that’d had a makeover.

The room I had was ok, but everytime I opened the curtains it felt like the whole of Patong could see into my room.

At night I returned home at the very late hour of 4am and was surprised to be getting blasted with heavy bass music from Tai Pan nightclub. Request a room on the North side of the hotel if staying here.

It was an ok hotel and was guest friendly (500 baht for a 3rd girl if you’re having a 3some). But I don’t count this place in the top Patong hotels as it had no swimming pool, and I could see the noise issue being a problem.

As such, I didn’t include C & N hotel in the Bkk112 recommended hotels of Patong. But if you are really stuck for a place to stay then it is an above average place and the staff there were very helpful.

Be sure to check out the website with Patong info on hotels and nightlife tips:


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1st song
Very right – Youtube audio library
2nd song
The Night Falling – Youtube audio library
3rd song
Bet on it – Youtube audio library


Console Plays Games says:

you pin is boob ….. you….hahhaha

Sith'ari Azithoth says:

Is that seriously a standard size there? I thought that stereotype was just a joke.

steven wilcoxen says:

Really enjoy the style of your videos – great pics and classic music. Keep up the good work!

Eric Sen says:

Just a word of advice if your renting a bike in Patong area. The police are corrupt and want your money via bribes. Roadblocks are their moneymakers. Beware of the police.. Their toy breathalyzers will cost you LOTS of your money..

AyeVSee Cop says:

wow! I know that view and balcony anywhere! the gig hotel! and it looks like you had the same room as us? we had to look at the working girls also at the hotel across as well although i didnt really mind. the corner rooms are very spacious although the tv was in a very perculiar postion? very good room rates there.

senthil Kumar says:

1:45 consider as natural beer nothing will happen bad.

Eddie Martinez says:

Thats a nice room how much is it for two week's? US Do you know if it is near grill bill?

Eddie Martinez says:

180bahtwhat is that in US MONEY?

mehmet dogan says:

umut ben çok. mukemel bir yer burası çenet bu seferde gidersem 4 olucak bilet parası palı kızlar harka

Donald versace says:

Boring zzzzz

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