Patong Hotel – Very Cheap in the High Season

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Patong Hotel – Very Cheap in the high season

Orchid Resortel is a Patong hotel in a good location that is still very competitively priced in the high season. Worth a look if it falls in your price range.

The Patong High Season runs from December to February. The low season is from July to September and all the other months are considered the mid season.

For more info on this hotel and for essential booking tips visit:

Orchid resortel is a small guest friendly hotel in a great location on Soi Sansabai. It’s only a couple of minutes walk to Bangla Road and around 6/7 minutes to the beach. It’s not the best place I’ve ever stayed but was solid and reliable, and definitely worth a look in the high season where nearby hotel prices skyrocket.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Superior Room
3:06 Bathroom
4:21 Worst Balcony view ever? It didn’t bother me tbh as I didn’t go to Patong for the balconies 😉
4:48 Rooftop pool area & Sauna during/after a big storm

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Byron Pepitone says:

I stayed here and it was nice

Noman Khan says:

@bangkok112 please tell me the distance from bangla road!! Thank You

3li b7ar says:

do you have snap chat

First of all You're not a good fighter says:

I'm new subscriber going to Thailand in October

Greg Brown says:

Hot water in basin? For shave face and or balls?


Fucking love the rainy days in Thailand mate!

sanook aus says:

Bkk 112 ,another vlogger is using your videos, she/he goes by the name "Frackytrainzz " shut the lazy bum down. Keep up the good work. Regards 👍

agubaia says:

My man !! I want you to do an special for all the Women (no ladyBoys ) in Pattaya than in Bangkok!! also show us the girls invited to your hotel, so we can give a Thumb up or Down 🙂 , Cheers Mr 112 !!

Joe Webster says:

I am curious which is better patong or pattaya for the food and entertainment are there big differences worth a note?

pmafterdark says:

Nice view of the power lines. Always love the bed swans though.

Brummie Brink says:

great video again. bangkok 112.

Adrian Morton says:

Still raining in Patong I see.

180goldenboy says:

Looked a decent place. Would have made sense to add price of room though.

David Barlow says:

2:09 lmao

Dan says:

am I blind or was no price listed?

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