Patong Hotel, Phuket – 1000 Baht

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Patong Hotel, Phuket 1000 Baht – Amici Miei

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This small hotel is one of my favourite places to stay in Patong. It is away from the madness but everything is within walking distance.

If you are thinking of booking Amici Miei or another Patong hotel in the $15-40 range, make sure to read this website post for more info including essential booking tips:

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I stayed at the Amici Miei hotel in March 2016. I found the hotel while browsing tripadvisor.

I paid 1000 baht a night and was more than happy with the price. Seasonal room price changes mean you can pay anything from 500 to 2400 baht for a room depending on the time of year.

After staying in a smaller room closer to Bangla road I relocated to Amici Miei and was very happy with the large room with a balcony. Everything was in full working order and I had a great stay there.

The hotel is guest friendly (as are most in Patong), and the reception needs to keep the ID card of your ‘guest’ until they leave for security reasons. Additionally, you can even take a second guest in for free here if that’s your thing 😉

The WIFI was very good here, and each floor had it’s own connection. YouTube could be watched at 720p.

No place is perfect. There was no swimming pool and the walk to the beach was 15 minutes so that could be a deal breaker for some people.

Bangla Road was 10 minutes walk away and this was ok as there was no need to get an overpriced tuk tuk.

The hotel helped book a taxi to take me to the airport for 700 baht which was a bonus. Tourist activities (such as a boat trip to Phi Phi or James Bond island) can also be booked at the reception.

Overall I would stay here again as it ticks pretty much all my usual requirements and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place to a friend.

Ps. Why is it that all the good hotels seem to do the towel animal folding thing? 🙂

The outro in this video is from Patong VLOG 56:

For more info on this hotel including some photos click here:


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Christopher Thom says:

I am staying here right now , amazing value for money I am very impressed , staff are great and room very clean and modern

English Tv channels if you need to hear an English voice

I paid 1600b for 4 nights

Adrian Morton says:

They love hard mattresses in Thailand

se7en1976 says:

Those swans could use a good feed… eh? 😀

Scott Murdocka says:

Thanks for the hotel information. On the bottom of the rules it looked like you could even rent a bike from them too. Good information to know.

Mike's Paradise Of Food & Travel says:

Nice video mate. Any plans to visit Koh Chang in the future?

John Preston says:

My worst fear when staying at any hotel is bedbugs. Fuck those monsters!

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. says:

02:10 Swan killer!

Free Bird says:

?If i need a partner to sleep with me(you know) what the average cost for one night

Lucifer Morningstar says:

Sir can you show more videos of the skyfall club? ty.

Jon DavaoCity says:

I was impressed when I saw the toilet seat AND toilet paper. But I'm accustomed to the Philippines. Seriously, nice video. Thanks.

zech007 says:

Not bad for $27 USD, ive seen worst hotel conditions for almost 2x the prices here in the US.

Pushkar Pandit says:

you deserve much more subscribers. keep up the great work. i just like your material.

Joey Bodnar says:

thoughts on brexit?

SaWaDeeCat says:

I will arrive patong on 1/Jul as well, stay 6 days, fuck ya!!!

Terrence Linder says:

Cheeky ending!lol!

tam says:

Cool video. 👍

Scot Foley says:

Are the girls cheaper on Patong than Pattaya?

Omygodedidit says:

LARVA……. Best cartoon ever.

Just Gregy says:

can you  tell me how much is 1000 baht in paunds?

Dema3144 says:

Guys! Where I can meet a freelance girls in Phuket, Like Beach Road in Pattaya?

Brummie Brink says:

what a great video bangkok 112, go on and wanna see more.

wolfgang gruberschnickel says:

ps—that rule of thumb seems to apply to the bangla bargirls as well…..the older & uglier, cheaper —conversely….well, you get the picture……

wolfgang gruberschnickel says:

112 –excellent job on the hotel review. always like your well thought inclusion of the map of location as i was about to google-to find it myself…..and yes, must also include the seasonal prices. low high mid or whatever seasonal rates apply not only to Thailand….but other SE ASIA countries as well. so 1K bhat might sound good….its a different story during the peak season. i'm bit of a lazy sod….i generally stay in the hotels directly across from patong beach itself. just like the idea of only having to cross the beachroad to get to the sand and surf. yes, the closer to the beach….higher rates….conversely….the further away…..cheaper.

FrankypankyV8 says:

Another great video again 👍
Lovely view from that small balcony 😁

tw25rw says:

I prefer Aloha Villa. Nearer Bangla, nicer rooms and similar price in low season.

kosamui says:

Ok,ok. That is a really nice ending. That nice, firm ass…..yum…..thanks!

Franz Seuntjens says:

Where is best place to pick up a girl,like a freelancer ?And how much will be the price for the night ?

Hrishikesh Mathekar says:

thank you so much bro

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