Patong Beach, Phuket 2016

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Patong Beach, Phuket 2016

A video showing Patong Beach in the late afternoon and early evening from March 2016. No music for a change, and not much editing, just the sights from what I captured.

Overall Patong beach was very nice, clean and had a lot of foreign tourists relaxing at the time I visited.

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Parts of this video include:

0:00 Walking from Bangla road to the beach
0:58 Stepping onto the pristine white sand

3:20 A jet-ski with signs of damage underneath (jet-ski operators in Phuket and Pattaya are notorious for ripping off and scamming customers in Thailand. My advice is don’t rent one on the beach or you leave yourself open to being taken advantage of)

4:37 A Parasailing take off and some dodgy landings
6:46 Sunset
7:15 Couple of nice looking Korean girls?
8:34 Patong beach road at dusk

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ras124 says:

Thailand is paradise for bald, unattractive, middle age man

Bolton's Bites says:

How long have you been living in Thailand for @bangkok112 ??

Darry says:

great video,ill be going to patong beach in dec 2017 cant wait,my hotel is opposite the BEACH ..YEEHHAAA

Jul says:

I hope one week is gonna be enough to see everything 😀

Meenakshi Bhatt says:

Worst place to visit..not a single pinch of politeness in Thai people, they behave rude always

Ulf Danielsson says:

Thanks for no music, much better

nelson lariccia says:

Ciao friends take care of you have fun and be safe too as much ciao Mr Nelson1963 CHEERFUL CHEERS

Cesar Mieses says:

The jet ski issues have been resolved now. I was there in July '17. 🙂

Ian says:

7.25…oh yeah.

Stubborn HVD says:

7:20 thank me late

Willie Purdom says:

Potang beach?…never heard of it.

Locomotora Rusa says:

shooting star????? 8:54

okelah says:

hey guys, bali is better.. flies away..

Max Carter says:

7:21 she is Thai or Korean?

vargas diego says:

I know this place….if you don't like noisy, trashy , dirty place. …an advice , go away and pass your road. ….best place is unfortunately swimming pool hotel !…..

Jeff Stryker says:

This place scares me too many lady boys.

Steve Sudlow says:

Yeah, never never ever rent a Jet Ski in anywhere in Thailand, to many people get ripped off!!! and theres nothing the police do to get your money back, they are even posting warning signs up, please don't be a victim.

Larry Myers says:

can I get hooker here?

AD Urpina says:

mate Awesome video!


Thanks for sharing information or to everyone

Kendall Navstar says:


Hans Gruber says:

7:36 they need to file Police report for theft of Ass.

Alex Marenco says:

i see flat asses

Vic Go says:

Did the wife of the old fart on 003 see him holding hands with the young girl?

Milgram07 says:

Like the change in scenery 🙂

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