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A series of shots showing the nightlife from Bangla Road, Patong. Filmed between the hours of 12 am to 3.30 am. We see a range of sexy phuket pole dancers, beer bars, many drunk farrangs interacting with the sexy girls.

Patong, Phuket is one of my favourite redlight districts and definitely worth checking out on a trip to Thailand. With my two other favourite red light districts being Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

Patong by far has the highest density of nightlife in Phuket, particularly along the Bangla Road Area which is mainly nightlife.


Thailand Red says:

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El Chuco 915 says:

I'd rather bang some Aussie chicks in Perth or Sydney..Better Poontang.

Pratik Shrestha says:

Ronald Wagner u must be in Thailand to fuck the shit out of all those girls barging into the bar shown right in the video then.

jhgjhgj hgjhgdj says:

3:50 lol, how her "smile" disappears once she turns arround 😀

Ying Li says:

Pussy heaven hey fellas? Just remember that this is STD Central

ALI SAAD says:

تجنن بتايا


aids HIV biohazard over 9000

Nana says:

The girl with orange tank at beginning of the video is gorgeous. I feel really sorry for those girls who have to sell their body for money.

Mahanani Putri says:

Cheap surgery make their looking better… i want to come to this place but not sure if only with my own lol

John Peddubriwny says:

What I hate most when I see these vids are all these ugly tattoos. Can you imagine saying to someone, "I've got a stick and bucket of paint. I want to paint your car". They will say, "Are you mad? You might damage the paintwork", but you can alwats get a respray. Try that with a tattoo.

There are all these girls with beautiful skin, and they never seem to have seen an old man with a 20 or 30 year old tatt, that has morphed into a blue smudge? Tragic!

Mani Karur says:

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Luis Ramon says:

you guys are doing a great job with
your cameras and devices.
a lot of people follow you.

Emmanuel Miranda says:

this is hilarious, I know a couple of the girls you showed when I went there last year!

Luis Ramon says:

all these red districts in those Asian cities are a joy and a blessing to a lot of guys who need to fill an empty emotional space in
their lives.

Sait Sorkun says:

modern slaves. this is just a meat market

billywilliams williams says:

slip your finger into one of these bar girls and feel the tightness don't know how stay so tight with all the men they fuck must be the way they are made. good old patong was much better before they turned it into another pattaya

Mike Allan says:

the fat dude is a russian,, they are morons in thailand as well as the aussies.. thai women hate the russians

Mike Allan says:

Puket is so much better than Pattaya.. Pattaya is a sewer

larry cork says:

To prey on the poor and speak with such disrespect is shameful

Caroline Mapezi says:

wonder if they will make A perfect wife? or she can sneak into the Next door Neighbour?

Rami Ad says:

this is fucked up night life . i think they should call it death night . this place full of hiv and aids .

Firstpo jkh says:

the CHICK at 2:35 i would visit thialand alone for DAAAMN . Where can we find more of those ?

thht fff says:

3.50 that face she made, lmao. Shes probably thinking fuck this this white guy

Oliver Robin says:

What is the normal price for a gogo girl? cheaper in Pattaya right?

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