Paste Modern Thai Food – One of The Best Restaurants in Bangkok

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Paste is one of the best restaurants in Bangkok that specializes in extremely high quality modern Thai food. Get all the details here –

There are many amazing restaurants in Bangkok serving everything from international cuisine to Thai food in a variety of different forms and scales. The chefs at Paste Bangkok emphasize that they don’t serve fusion food – which is a combination of different cuisines merged together – but instead they focus on modern Thai food, innovation and progressive Thai cuisine. In other words, most of the ingredients are locally sourced and the recipes, though creative, are all within the traditional spectrum of Thai ingredients and flavor combination. Modern Thai food is the next step in Thai cuisine, new and modern techniques combined with traditional recipes, all within the same genre of Thai food. And as one of the best restaurants in Bangkok serving upscale Thai food, Paste uses extremely high quality ingredients and precise cooking techniques to produce a truly mouthwatering menu of flavorsome Thai dishes.

It was my privilege in this Thai food video to visit one of the best restaurants in Bangkok for a sample of modern Thai food at its finest. I first begin sampling a dish they call “the ultimate-twice cooked-caramelised-pork leg with pickled bamboo shoot, pickled mustard and coriander (สุดยอดขาหมูเสริฟ์กับหน่อไม้ดอง, ผักกาดดองและผักชี).” The pork leg was marinated before being flash deep fried to make it crispy on the edged. It was then arranged onto a serving plate along with pickled bamboo shoots, a caramel glaze, and sprinkled with shaved chilies and cilantro leaves. My first bite was pure heaven as the chunk of pork leg literally melted into my mouth, the fat and meat both falling apart as I chewed. The caramel contrasted the chilies and and complemented the tender pork. It was outstanding. Next up I sampled the “mangosteen salad with pan seared scallop and roasted chilli jam (ยำมังคุดกับหอยเชลล์),” which is a good example of a modern Thai food dish at Paste. Mangosteen is a common Thai fruit, yet it’s rarely seen in a dish, so at Paste they’ve taken Thai ingredients and come up with creative local recipes. Along with pan seared scallops, kernels of mangosteen were combined with lemongrass and mint leaves and dressed in a chili jam which was similar to Thai prik pao roasted chili sauce. To top off the towing dish was a sprinkle of finely sliced Siam tulips. Again, this was an incredible tasting dish with a complexity of delicious flavors combined. Lastly we enjoyed a “crispy skin free range duck (เป็ดมะแขว่นเสิร์ฟกับซอสส้มและโป๊ยกั๊ก)” which was drizzled with fresh orange and star anise sauce. First steamed to get the juices flowing, it was then deep fried to give it a crunch. The northern Thai pepper, in the same family as the famous Sichuan pepper, was rubbed over to skin to make it extremely fragrant. All the dishes I’ve eaten at Paste Bangkok have been superb.

Paste is truly one of the best restaurants in Bangkok that serves upscale elegant, and true to flavor Thai food. The chefs at Paste are doing an excellent job of pushing Thai food to new levels and progressing it into a new and modern form.

Paste Restaurant Bangkok
Prices: Expect to pay around 800 — 1000 THB per person for a truly memorable meal, they also have a full menu of cocktails and wines if you’re interested
Address: 120/6 Sukhumvit Soi 49 (Opposite Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital) Klongton Nua, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110
Open Hours: Lunch Wed — Sun 12.00 pm — 2.30 pm, Dinner Tues — Sun 6.00 pm — till late
Reservations: +66(0)2 392 4313

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Roberta Tonumaipe'a says:

Lol u kno when food is good when u smack while eatin lol

Dwight Turner says:

Now this one really made me drool!!!

Greg Austin says:

Pork, Scallops and Duck, What could possibly go wrong with that meal.

Wioletta Wolasewicz says:

loveI love this man fabulous

Chahat hunny says:

mark ur all videos are awsmmmmm nd food is stunning ……keep it up nd make more videos never stop making videos we love u😍

Finny Simon says:

Lov ur videos. Especially that look 😌 haha..

Cecelia Falls says:

– Hi I like your restaurant but your site is missing some videos and new images to make it complete? Would you be interested in updating your website at only $799?

Khoi Eats Word says:

These three 'modern' dishes can also be found at Longrain in Melbourne and Kylie Kwong's restaurant in Sydney. They're both very popular 'fusion' restaurants in Austalia and these three particular dishes are reproduced in many similar modern asian restaurants there.

r3in says:

Ok, guys "WTF?!?" He really eats a lot. Look at his nuckles and him..
It is just not normal.. It's ok to like food and eat that much and not to gain weight. Well, actually it is not normal. Guy looks like he's starving.

Donna Copas says:

Mark, I know you really loved this food, because you were speechless for a few seconds. This would be a special occasion meal due to the price, but it would be a pleasure to eat. Thanks for your Bangkok series. I loved every one of the videos. I am getting close to seeing all your videos, so where can I go from here?

Michael Federman says:

When are u all coming to review NYC Thai food ?????? We have it all here about 500 places in all boros plz

Michael Federman says:

Very good price is it hard to get in ? Tight reservations I assume?

Michael Federman says:

Very nice five star eatery pang mak mak ???

rain74925 says:

I thought with it being so fancy, the price of the food was going to be a shocker, but as it turned out it wasnt too bad. I still think Thai food is best in its original flares tho: strong, pungent, unapoligentically spicy, a musculine type of food. Making it fancy, gentle and pretty like this, one would have to change some of Thai food's signature characteristics. Not so sure about this.

chai lim says:

Love that recipe not sure about the duck/need to go with more green.

chai lim says:

Hi Mark I had try serveral time to get back to you email but keep failing.

EGSue says:

I tried the pork belly … oh my god, amazing! Would go back only for that dish! Delicious! Thanks Mark!

Thiha Min says:

Hey Mark, Yet another Awesome Content. I watch your videos daily because I simply love it. Three weeks ago, I've watched your old videos which was recorded in India and thought Mark should promote these videos again because they were good. And this week, I see vids in India and am very happy. Pls let me share this video on my FB page. You Are Awsome :).

Amit Budhraja says:

Looks fabulous. I guess now in every cuisine adventurous chefs are making fusion recipes. But I still can't handle too much too of sweetness in my food. You can have the blend of spices mellowed to highlight certain flavours or over simplify in some cases but not add sweet syrups. It's a very Chinese and Western thing to do. But must say the recipes look really good and thought about.

Lawrence Viles says:

This restaurant looks pretty fancy. And I know that you have to rate it good because your there to promote them. However, you like me, would rather have the "street version" over the fancy stuff anyday. Plus each dish seemed a bit sweet for (our) taste. Good, but sweet. Correct? Great job thought, Mark.

Eight Miles from Home says:

Now this looks like our kind of Thai food 😉

Ezra soon says:

I'm heading to BKK for this. Loving your vids mark

joschi jogi says:

Wow what great dishes.
I think the dishes have a little modern European impression.

BOON says:

farmers restaurant, now would the chef cut poultry in a dish? I doubt that…….thats why thais are not considered too intelligent

Mabel ok says:

Not sure if this is the type of food that you like?

Pierre Bahnsen says:

Whats the noise outside ??

Ravi Kumar Moorthy says:

Hey Mark loved all ur videos. … any more latest one. ..

1 says:

im hungry 🙁 🙁 🙁

Luiz says:

wonderful food

Bernt Nielsen says:

Love your videos Mark. Please keep them comming😊

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