Pandan Chicken- Easy Thai Recipe

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Pandan chicken is the specialty chicken dishes of Thailand. The chicken is moist, tender, packed, infused with refreshing pandan aroma uniquely served with the chicken encased in the leaf packets.

The Thai people wrap the marinated boneless chicken meat inside a large piece of pandan leaf and deep fried. The amazing aroma of the leaves is infused into the chicken meat, giving the ordinary chicken a distinct flavor and unique presentation.

Pandan leaf is also called screwpine leaf. It is long and slim with the length reaching 50 cm. It is widely available for cooking in all South East Asia countries. The local people use pandan leaves to flavor the rice, to make drinks and preparing desserts.


rebeccafoo says:

Thank you , I never come across Pandan Chicken with Pandan juice, Must try it one day. Thank you

winter rose says:

I had a lemon grass soup in a Thai restaurant with shrimp…and can you video that the.

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