Pad Thai Recipe, from award winning Ying Thai 2 Restaurant ❤️️

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Celebrity Chef Duncan Robertson from Duncan’s Thai Kitchen TV Show, is on a journey to experience the best in authentic Thai cuisine.

Join Duncan as he tastes authentic Thai food from a selection of restaurants around Australia who have been awarded the Thai Select stamp of approval.

Thai Select means authentic, delicious, with true Thai ambiance and a true Thai experience. Thai Select is the best of Thai cuisine.


MahalKita says:

I noticed he mentioned onion but he never used it?:)

Street Food Only says:

This is a classic street food, but more refined of course, wonderful!

Pat B. says:

Authentic 'Pad Thai on YouTube' found! Thank YOU for sharing this video… I've just subscribed. :?)

Lane Fernandez says:

what is the ingredient after the dried shrimp?

THEO XL says:

He forgot to put the Chinese chives in. 😋

BigjockGnu says:

be better if Duncan would shut da faq up

Rem Nov says:

I like this chef cooking the pad thai. wish he was my boss.

toyboysx says:


Gazania Flower says:

OMG, his girlfriend is so ugly!

baroque za says:

Yeah, Look it nice. But you can't do in busy time. believe me.I'm Thai chef 😉

Common Tater says:

Is the written recipe posed somewhere?

Ismael de Guzman says:

one of the best demos on youtube for this dish. i subsequently made it after viewing and it was spot on to what i've ordered at thai restaurants in sf. thank you!

Nik Murphy says:

That is definitely not how you pronounce siracha.

Joseph C says:

this host gave me cancer

Michael says:

I like how the host said it's important to buy the thai rice noodles — then shows a package labeled "pho" noodles.

awwwyeaboyeeee says:

Useful video. Thanks for posting.

I says:

Looking forward to trying to cook this at home. I already tried your Som Tum recipe and it was awesome. Thank you Chef Duncan…or should that be Khop Khun nah Krub!

Vincent Buettner says:

Made this tonight. It was really good. I really like the idea of adding the fish sauce, tamarind and palm sugar syrup separately. Much easier to fine tune to ones liking. I always use to mix those ingredients prior to making pad thai. Thanks for sharing.

pianogus says:

This is the most legit Pad Thai recipe on YouTube; thanks for posting! Gus, Pasadena, CA

Sam says:

What's the syrup? I didn't understand and the sub title says Pump. . . you got. Pump you got.

Nexio Septimus says:

When you greeted each other, it sounded like:
sà-wàt-dee kráp
sà-wàt-dee kráp
sà-baai dee măi króp?
sà-baai dee króp … then you both speak and he adds something else that I can't decipher.

Any ideas what it was? (Almost everything I know about speaking Thai, I learned from informative placemats at Thai restaurants. But I do like to be able to be polite, at least to the point of social pleasantries, when I travel to other countries.)

Dom Vu says:

3:43 hey camera on me I'm the star lol

Victoria Roth says:

He forgot the chive

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