Pad Thai (Quick & Easy Meals)

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Click here to get the recipe…..


Nhiel Gonzales says:

pad thai with modern touch… but authentic is the best

Cronicwisdom says:

where are the ginger and carrots yo

Knah K says:

This is not authentic pad thai but it looks good ,

Scorp says:

looks delicious but can I use less oil than what you recommend? also what type of oil is best for this recipe?

Shavinda Dissanayake says:

add crushed peanuts and chilli flakes when making padthai it'll bring up the authentic thai flavour 🙂


Can u give a thakkadi(rice flour dumblings in mutton curry) recipe?? Ur recipes r wonderful!!!

Shami K says:

Hi, I have tried pad thai many times but didn't find the taste good so can't wait to try yours. But I have few questions. If I make this in one go without individual servings, how many servings can get? Also what's the quantity of that noodle packet? Finally how many eggs do we need?

Tracy Fernando says:

No Idea what TOFU is.Is it some kind of cheese?

Tracy Fernando says:

Looks Yummy Love your dishes.Made your seafood pasta the other day It came out perfect.Thank You.Will try this soon.

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