PAD THAI – Food Cooking Tutorial – Bangkok, Thailand

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Pad Thai noodles is a Thailand favorite food, and has been for centuries. The thick rice noodles are the main staple, and it’s blended with shrimp, crushed peanuts, scallions, bean sprouts, and scrambled hens eggs. Pad Thai Noodles is one of the top Thai food dishes in Thailand!

Pad Thai: Thai Style Noodle Stir Fry

The world’s most famous and favorite Thai food is here, Pad Thai! I made this video easy to follow for everyone to learn. Anyone, who used to think Pad Thai is a complicated dish (like I thought before I actually try to make it), would surprise themselves how amazing it turns out. This recipe is for 2 serving, just right amount to cook for you and your love… 😛 haha

Try it, and let me know how it turns out for you. Please visit my blog for the printable Pad Thai recipe. 🙂

Anyway, the leaves in this video is called garlic chives/ Chinese chives.

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Jonas D says:

I just did this! Amazing!

Wijayati Yati says:

nice a cooking



Henrik. says:

That yolk is kinda gettin beat up.

Manic Mailman says:

Thanks very much for the video – I'll need a trip to a specialist grocer for a few things,but it looks great,and I know it's tasty!
All the best,


How To Feed A Loon says:

Love it!! Look forward to connecting more with you 🍴😋
Great video tutorial, hope you like ours too! 🍴
Hope all's well! Nice clip 😋🍴
Look forward to connecting more.. always love a good recipe.
Looks absolutely yummy!
Believe we'll try to make this in our kitchen!
fantastic recipe! Would love to link up more!
oh my goodness.. this looks dangerous ;-)!

Northerner says:

very good thank you brotha

Victor Robin says:

im curious, when will you celebrate your new TV?

Victor Robin says:

PA-TAY means dead.. just saying.. hahaha

Thairish Ellis says:

Brown sugar ok too

Jayla Kidd says:

there is no difference

Richard Schwartz says:

not bad, but when you make thai, don't where a tie!

Hunter Ziegelmann says:

Is sweet or sour tamarind used in pad thai
i have both

Jonathan Kandell says:

I read that outside of large cities most people just use tofu with dried shrimp (no meat).  Is that true?  Also, do any pad thais use sugar+vinegar+fish sauce (leaving out tamarind)?  Or is that a western adaptation?  thx!

robkilotje says:

mine palmsugar is dark brown, this yellow one i don't know were i can get it?

merquiades McLellan says:

The gas thing is called a propane tank. Said like (Pro-pain) just thought I'd let you know. Great video, I want to make something for my Thai friend who is a foreign exchange student so thank you very much

Kēvin Zoren says:

You can order Palm sugar on Amazon if it isn't available in your area. If not, I usually substitute dark brown sugar.

Evelyn Edeen says:

I must make this. Thank you, Joy!

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