Owl Hotel $15 Per Night On Skaw Beach Road Pattaya, Thailand

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This hotel is located on Skaw Beach Road in Pattaya, just off of Second Road and very near Central Mall. I thought it was going to be a hostel but they actually had no hostel rooms as advertised, just regular hotel rooms.

The building and rooms were very clean with AC, wifi, cable tv and a safety deposit box, all for 500 baht and a very central location in Pattaya.

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Jay Watson says:

In Thailand, they called it a "safe" and not a Safty deposit box. Next time, just ask them, do you have a safe?

F monde says:

She is Cute

BFFPY2 Vlog says:

Nice hostle tho

BFFPY2 Vlog says:

The hostle actually have two bed but the girl deon't jnder stand coz i went there before🏘

zabita42 says:

OMG she is so cute!! how old is she?? lol also i have to say that i enjoy watching your videos a lot and will be visiting pattaya for new year or at the end of january.. would like to share some drinks and chat with you if you will have time. and also let me know if you need anything from Turkey i would bring some gifts for you 🙂

Kennie MusicLovers says:

No need to video all these….tourists are all SMARTER these days…they can do findings themselves…..go to a hotel website…all these are revealed etc., wasting videYouTube space an dtime….nobody wants to see such FAKED stuff …?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

This is One-Night Stand and short term place ? so its dirt cheap but with unhealthy surroundings and loud noises at night ?

Christer Stefansson says:

She had been smoking….

Snakedog's Thailand Journey says:

Reasonable price if it includes high season. I believe that soi connects to Soi Buakhao.

Falo says:

That girl is cute and scared at the same time. She didnt want to be in that room at all with him like something was gonna happen.

Gavthai says:

Fuck the room I'd be asking her what's she's doing later 🍆 very cute

Mark Amantine says:

Nice cheap Hotel She is Sow Nice

Randall says:

Good God man learn Thai!!

utkarsh jais says:

Charlie make video on mind resort and birds and bees resort

jhgjhgj hgjhgdj says:

The Swedes dont need to leave Sweden anymore to see Millions of foreigners 😁

Mild sarunya says:

Thank you I'm stuff at owlhostel

Double J says:

Why do you always make such a big deal about safety deposit boxes?

laman491 says:

She is very cute !

Geoffrey W says:

I wouldn't be happy staying in a room without windows but with that extremely cute girl being there, I might think twice.

max miser says:

The receptionist was cute but her English needs some work.

Scott Adkins 1988 says:

it would be nice to spend some nights with that little cute girl in that hotel rom but i live to fare from thailand.

Mustafa Ali says:

Yup, no windows. That surely freak me out man. I like the Hole in One hotel at Soi Lengkee in your previous video 🙂

Mike nyny says:

It's a shame she didn't speak better English cause she could have asked him why he asked so many stupid fucking questions – over and over again; YES, THE FUCKING ROOM IS 500 baht.

Ken Tan says:

Nice girl in hotel

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