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Had more of our fav Thai food dishes in Phuket Thailand. Had the #1 Tripadvisor rated Turkish food on Kata beach and it did not disappoint. Lounged in the pool and sun all day and watched an amazing sunset with my girls. Perfect day.

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Bella & Allie Show says:

🍜👀👌🏻 that food 🥘 🤤🙌🏻💯

Alandra Joseph - Isaac says:

Love this family 😊

Tulan Katyl says:

Your dedication and commitment to your channel you created is profound Brian. You continue to vlog and share while on vacation with your family is noticed. I, or "we", appreciate all the sweet, beautiful, amusing, and heartfelt videos you are sharing each day with me/us. Enjoy your vacation.

Cool Beans says:

Love your videos! I've subscribed about six months ago and has been a silent viewer. I have ALWAYS looked forward to watch your videos everyday! I even watched all the commercials in between hoping that would give you some revenues. (Btw, does that help?)
I was born in Saigon, VN but came to the United States in 1975 during the VN war. I was 3 yrs old so never knew what VN was like. So watching your videos gave me some insights on VN. I would love to visit VN one day and your videos have encouraged me to do that.. one of my bucket list!
In any case, your videos has always warmed my heart ❤ and Summer is just so adorable! Keep doing what you do… You're very awesome at it!

Chuong Wynn says:

Another day in paradise Pho Family, great food and memories to last a long time for you all. The food looks amazing and good portion. Enjoyed it very much and can't wait until the next vid. Stay safe.

Cjango Freeman says:

Tourist prices?

Jay King says:

I just want to say the fact that you take time to upload videos every day and always comment back to your viewers means a lot. I hope as your channel grows you continue to stay humble and communicate with your viewers. You guys are so bless and we appreciate your dedication to show us a piece of your life 😊

Anna says:

What a beautiful vlog! Can't wait to visit Southeast Asia someday, I'd come for the food alone but the views are a major bonus 😍✊🏼

princessced says:

Thailand is GEORGEOUS!!! The humus looked delicious…as did EVERYTHING else you guys ate today! So since you always make me hungry after I finished watching your vid the next thing I knew I was tearing through the pantry then making fresh garlic bread with chunky marinara as a dip. So ghetto, I know, but the humus did it to me!!! LOL……See ya tomorrow =)

Ms Bam-Bam says:

I feel like i am also eating the food you guys eating !!

Ms Bam-Bam says:

Great holiday you guys! 🙂

tinadls74 says:

Cait saying, “I feel like we’re always eating.” 😂 You are, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!! Very beautiful vlog today. I loved the reflection, on your lives, you guys had on the beach. Beautiful!!

Nadia Gomes says:

So happy you guys liked my recommendation kitchen kata. I miss it so much, it was so good we went twice. I don't know if you still have time but try the Turkish breakfast at Kataturk. Amazing!!!!!! you're bringing us so much memories of Kata!!!!!

Holly Rodriguez says:

The beach … The food … Simply breathtaking 💜

dang0088 da says:

Thai foods are expensive, I didnt know that, I'm going to stick with pho.

Brandon Lovett says:

The fact that you make, and edit these videos EVERY damn day is so impressive. Serious commitment. Love it.

Katie R-Q says:

Yay you finally had a green curry my fav, the beach and sunset looked amazing, well to be honest the whole place looks amazing. Have a great last day !! ✊️🙌✌️

Peter Kelly says:

Nothin' like a visa run to keep you on your toes … I remember old mates flying up to KL from Bali on the cheapest flight , a few quick beers and a good street feed , grab a ghetto blaster duty free and head back to Denpasar , sell the blaster to cover some of the visa run costs … got another 3 months in paradise … Ahhhh .. that was 80's thru 90's … now you do it in so much style my man .. too good … love what you have built … enjoying all , as I see … that kid of yours is so bright, I loved the thing she did with the mirror in the last vlog … first step to self awareness ….

Bape says:

woooow water is looking beautifull!! ove never went to a beach likr that

Angela G says:

That lunch looked amazing!!! I love the eggplant dip, I just can’t spell it 😂. Thai food is my favorite, the chili paste is addictive, I put it in everything. I have to admit I haven’t tried the green curry, so that’s next 😁❤️👌🏻

Too Shy says:

you are one sloppy looking monkey boy

alohanyc77 says:

So happy to see that you guys are enjoying yourselves and all around so relaxed! Your sunset scene brings back so many fond memories of when I used to live in Hawaii. I agree…pictures and videos does not do justice of how gorgeous it is – you just gotta be there. I live for sunsets…. 😍🤙😊✊️

Alan Hays says:

Turkish Tzatziki = Cacik….Don't strain yourselves on that beach… 🙂

Andy Chan says:

Summer smiling and blowing a kiss before she goes into the pool. Pretty adorable.

Crystal Wynn says:

Today’s video was awesome! and heart felt. Thank you.

yobpel a says:

They make you assemble your own lunch? They better give you a discount… 🙂 Lunch "some assembly required" sheldon cooper.
Squid looks good, needs some more thai chilli.

Lan T says:

Thanks for sharing your day with us 😄 I lol when u took the green chilli out. 😂😂 …I love seeing Summer’s face light up when she gets into the pool… What a perfect day!

Tonya Pedraza says:

Summer taking a nap on daddy, I just can't stand it 💕!! Beautiful day, and the food looks amazing!!! Can't wait for tomorrow 😄, take in as much as you 👌😍✊

as574265 says:

Sumsum loves her coconuts.

Roger Garcia says:

The beaches, food and this vlog was amazing! Thanks for sharing and now I'm hungry!

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