Order Delivery Food in Thai

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Let’s order some food!

Hĭw/Hĭw Kâaw = Hungry
Ghin = Eat
Dee = Good (But “Dee” can be put at the end of the question when you want to ask for opinions.)
Kêe-Gìat = Lazy
Ngún = So
Sùng = Order
Ahăan = Food
Kwarm-Kíd = Idea
Ao = Take/Want
Láew Gôr = And then
Têe = Portion/Place
Sòng = Deliver/Send
Kâaw Grà-Prao Gài Kài-Dao = rice topped with stir-fried chicken and basil with fried egg
Gŭay-Dtĭaw Dtôm-Yum = Spicy and Sour Soup Noodle
Chái We-la = Spend time
Naan = Long (time)
Naan Tâo Rài = How long? (Time)
Na-tee = Minute
Maa Láew = Here comes


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