Orchid Nursery at Thai Phuket Orchid Farm

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This is an orchid video from a tropical location in Phuket Thailand, much more at http://newvisiting.com/thai-orchid-farm-flower-plant with great pictures and other content. Here is a nursery, also known as the Phuket Orchid Farm with a sea of flower colors. This place is near the Chalong Circle southwards with a right turns after the school. They have all popular types of plants such as vanda, dendrobium, cattleya, dyakia, bucket orchid, Coryanthes, cymbidium, dendrobium nobile, phalaenopsis, phal, moth, pink, purple, blue, yellow, green, brown, white and dozens of colors in between.

It’s a nice place to relax, they have thousands of different hybrids and a few species. The hybrids are for sale, the species not, they charge an entrance fee which is justified by overwhelming pleasant colors they let you have a look for, entrance fee includes a fresh orchid bouquet. They also deliver to hotels, if you like to take the flowers with you home overseas they have some special small container with some water, but not liquid, it’s somehow stored in a medium with this the plants stay ok for up to 2 weeks.

It just needs to them of the container at home, put them into some water and chip of a millimeter or two of the stem every 2 or three days, they stay ok for quite a while. When they are gone just order some more from a local flower shop or from the internet.

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love orchids, wonderful nursery mann!!

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Hi there, let me suggest to you, after watching our videos pls. go to our websites an make some comments in the forum and if possible at twitter and facebook what you think about. Your comment will make things maybe more informative and useful.

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wow paradise lovely beautiful

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wow a paradise garden



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