Opey De Place Hotel Review, Pattaya, Thailand

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I stayed at the Opey de place on my last visit to Pattaya. It’s on Soi Lengkee, just around the corner from Soi Buakhao. Soi Diana is practically beside it, and just a 2 minute walk to LK Metro. Soi Lengkee has many good restaurants like the Steak & Co steakhouse and the Lone Star Texas Grill. You’ll find many bars in the area, my favorite being the Cheeky Girl bar and the Retox Sports bar. You’ll find ATM’s, currency exchange places, mototaxi ranks, Family Mart & 7-Eleven’s… go-go clubs and bars… some nights you can spend in the area and not have to bother going further afield like to Soi 7 or Soi 6 or Walking Street. It’s a nice central location and no-where is far away.

The hotel cost me just over 800 baht per night (US$25), but this can vary, depending on the season. I stayed in a Standard King Double room. It’s guest friendly and has 24 hour security. If you bring back a girl, she has to leave her ID at the reception desk. When she leaves, the receptionist calls your room to ask if everything is ok, before handing the girl back her ID.

There’s a big beautiful outdoor pool and jacuzzi. The hotel offers an airport transfer service. From Pattaya to Suvamabhumi airport in Bangkok, it costs 1200 baht (US$36). I didn’t use their service as I had already booked another service. I used namstaxipattaya.com, it cost the same and was a very good service. The hotel has a restaurant, open from 8.30am to 6pm. You’ll find a menu in your room also (big menu!), and you can order food to your room directly. The hotel has wifi in all the rooms, including the lobby. The cleaning staff don’t bother you too early. There is also a laundry service.

The room has air con which worked fine and not too noisy. There’s also a ceiling fan. The room had a balcony attached with a couple of chairs. The refrigerator was big and came well stocked with beers and soft drinks. I always go to 7-Eleven and buy my own stuff as it works out a lot cheaper. The TV was a decent size and had cable channels.

The safe was a good size, big enough to keep a laptop. The safe was a bit dusty on top but that wouldn’t worry me and found the hotel to be generally clean. The closet was big and came with loads of hangers, but not much self space. There were bedside lockers each side of the bed, and also power sockets and light switches each side. One thing I didn’t like was the fact that the bathroom was a “wet room”. In other words, there was no shower door… so when you have a shower, the whole bathroom floor is wet. The shower itself didn’t have much pressure but did the job. As you’ll find just about everywhere in Thailand, there’s a bum gun beside the toilet. I always carry out a “flush test” and the toilet worked fine. Sometimes it can overflow, or doesn’t flush properly – that’s why I do the flush test before unpacking!

So, to sum it all up… I liked the hotel and would definitely stay here again. It’s a great budget hotel, nothing fancy, but had everything I needed. The bed was comfortable and the curtains kept out most of the sunlight. Location is very important to me too and this hotel is perfect.

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Nancy Holloway says:

Dancing bear videos


Bathroom look very basic, think i would pay more for a better standard.

Sodapop Curtis says:

im not a big fan of the thai redbull, no knock against it, just accustomed to the western redbull and haven't acquired the taste of the thai redbull especially when mixing when it with alcohol.

jaymeez says:

Where's the new videos at buddy? I'm stuck here in America and I gotta live through you man!

David R says:

While you scanned over the fees for stealing items from the room it showed that your room should have  พรมกันลื่น  ,non-skid showermat, to keep farangs from falling on their collarbone.  Keep the mood music accompaniment coming, I watched this while working out.  Thumbs up!

The Spanish Onion says:

Great Video… Check out my guide to Huai Khwang Bangkok.

David says:

why copy cheap charlie?

Del ., says:

Stayed there last January after about 1hour in the room both of us started to feel nauseated, opened both doors to get some fresh air in the room and felt a little better, I think the maid service spray's pesticide for bed bugs and it caused the nausea

Howard Neely says:

My room was ok, small bathroom and no view but the pool was great, I prefer the Bay Breeze on Soi Honey, from 700 baht, small pool but bigger bathroom and bath as well as shower, and better vibe, so many great options for cheap rooms in Pattaya

Salam S says:

Is it safe to put money and passport in the safe ? If not what is the best way to protect your valuable stuff. In Thailand ?

Andrew Pearson says:

Charlie, thanks for the Vlog. Ive wondered what that Hotel looks like inside.
I normally stay above Steak n Co/Smokey Joe BBQ.
Smokey Joe BBQ has had all the rooms upstairs refurbished upstairs are they are pretty excellent.
You should get Yuri (manager) or Ian (the owner) to show you the rooms.

Phil Tenerife says:

Good honest review , stopped there last year , great location , not noisy at night , they should provide some kind of non slip mats in the bathroom , staff helpful / friendly ,……………………….. i would stay here again .

Stephen Overy says:

I have stayed here over 10 times great location not had any problems it is fine by me

Dark Light says:

this hotel suck!!!!!! the housekeeper steal my iPhone in my closed room i call the police and they do nothing!!!!! All the people i know have been already stolen here….A bad and dirty place 🙁

Brummie Brink says:

Looks very great there, i know the name, never been there. Thanks for all information.

doc welby says:

Nice hotel everything looks good- except the wet room shower, that would be a deal breaker for me. Thanks for the vid- good stuff.

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