NUDlST Beach Searching – Hidden Places in Pattaya

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Pattaya, Thailand. Visiting Koh Larn Island, searching some hidden beaches.

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Ahmer Choudhary says:

Awesome beach and bitches…🎠🎠🎠

Linda Miyamoto says:

we see these white bitches all over!!!!

mainly american SCUMS!!!!!

thye come tio ASIA and only hang out with white people or HOOK up with white males only!!!



Nilesh Shah says:

Is this beach physically challenge friendly ?

Max Headroom says:

You are an immature idiot …

Stephen Baumgardner says:

I can see why Tien beach is well liked… Awesome!

UdonThaniPeter says:

Used to be paradise, and only an hour or so from the madness of Pattaya. Sadly, then came the Chinese… there really isn't an island where you can avoid the dirty cheap bastards these days

john O'Donnell says:

so basically, there is no nude beach!

Jimmy Bond says:

Keep searching????

Nick Bevi says:

good video and good idea for looking out at nudist placesbut…honestly…also if there were nudism possibility at those raw and abandoned beaches.. at that point I feel much better keep up my swimsuit and relax in a clean beach instead

Gareth Harper says:

Why are people so lazy leaving their rubbish all over those beautiful beaches

Rebel Nomad says:

More boring clickbait. The only thing nude here was the fucking rocks.

Orbit Snoog says:

Pfff. You aren't selling it.

Event Horizon says:

Looks very calm, civil & laid back. Compared with, say, Spring Break beaches full of obnoxious people.

Don Haig says:

Hidden kouklas 😉
Nice video comrade 👍


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Johno F says:

Good stuff man. Thumbs up on the mapping too.

Brummie Brink says:

Great video, good work.

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