Northern Thai Curry at S&P restaurant in Bangkok

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This video reviews the Northern Thai Curry dish with Chicken drumstick and soft and crispy noodles which you can buy at S&P restaurants in Thailand. S&P restaurants is a large chain of Thai restaurants with an extensive menu on offer.
EatSleepBangkok is a Youtube channel dedicated to exploring the cost of living in Bangkok.


AlteroFit says:

I'm just wondering do they bother to really cook meals from the scratch or they just microwave and serve it nicely whatever S&P is making precooked and packed. Just kidding. I've eaten there (Phuket branch), the food was nice! And my Thai friends like that place too.

Roger Mellie says:

My wife and I love your reviews and your voice is so pleasant and relaxing. Please keep up the great work. Thank you!

Thoy's Thai Food Videos On Youtube says:

Thank you for the reviews so we can see these places before we actually go 👍🏽👍🏽🤜🏽🤛🏼

WILL G says:

I found this video very useful and as always very informative. I enjoy the diversity in your presentation of different types of food reviews. Your utilization of one format for restaurants and another type for 7-11 / convenient store offerings. Keep up the good work, your stuff is always entertaining.

Mr. O says:

The prices are quite reasonable. Great review once again. I will give S&P a try. 👍

IKnowYouKnow says:

Love Khao Soi. One of my favorite Thai dishes for sure. Good to know this place does a good rendition. Will have to try when next in BKK.

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