No RESPECT for INDIANS !!! Pattaya To Bangkok | Vlog | Chinigiri

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Hey fellas, thank you for watching. This is small vlog for the journey between Pattaya to Bangkok in a bus service called Roong Reuang coach. Do smash the like button and stay tune for upcoming vlogs.

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Suraj Sinha says:

Haha majja aa gaya bhai… Aur Jo saale negative comments kar rahe h chutiye h saale…

sharan shetty says:

Arey bhai don't thk u r dude nd stop disrespecting other ppl. Wastage of my 2 min

Deepak Rohilla says:

Londi londa paili

Deepak Rohilla says:

Kya procesure hai

Deepak Rohilla says:

Bhai aap ghum ke aaye hai kaisa hai wanha

Rahul Atom says:

Who will respect you .. U are a real indian mayang with no manner..

Nayan Chawhan says:

You guys should've used Google Maps. It was easy…

Sushil Kumar says:

वियतनाम की वीडियो जारी करो

cooldudeimr says:

Bas tum hi woh reason ho kiske wajah se Indians ko respect nahi karte bahar

Purana Paapi says:

The way u talk, u won't get any respect anywhere

deepika jaisal says:

ye sir pe itna hands gamcha Pehen k ghumega, kon respect krega

Jamyang Gyatso says:

Indians are not making good impressions everywhere in Thailand, they act like wild and uneducated…. 😢

Michael Angel says:

all Indians (the one with dots on their forehead) should be shot

harry2183 potter says:

these guys should learn to behave properly and respect others. really stupid

Shallu King says:

Tum jaise chutiye ho na tabhi agye aa gaye… Intelligent toh dikh nhi rahey…. Or tum log hi gundh dal k rakha huya h foreign mein tabhi image kharab h because of your type of people low minded

jayus cooldude says:

Don't go Thai, wen v have our natural nature beauties & lots more in India Itself

Amit Singh says:

Why they are behaving like rowdy

advcro nar says:

By looking at you even a child can say CHORE and Lacey

scp says:

Video dekh k samajh gya kyu india ki reputation kharab he waha

EpicFails says:

Behave like a gentleman,

IdeaHub says:

India se chutiyee jaake aapna image kharab karten hain..mainly mainland Indians…

Abhishek Mishra says:

are bhai sach hai indians re sale nam badnam kar di hai… sale 60% indian sale fraud hote hain… aur unke chalte apan log badman

Callum Dunbar says:

dont deserve respect….

Aniruddh Singh says:

Wel i have been to Thailand Twice …… From pattaya to bangkok Cab Rates are 1400 Bath that to toyota Camry Hybrid …. there are numerous websites which will give you detail about Fares and There is One App GRAB you can use that also for local transport in thailand N Even they give you offers .

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