Nightlife on the Beach road Pattaya Thailand episode 2

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In this video, you will see a night walk along Beach road Pattaya Thailand, also called a coconut bar. Thai girls and ladyboys waiting for customers.

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craig vietor says:

how do you get by with copy right?

Jesse Mendez says:

Your videos are getting SUPER BORING!!! Hint: try talking to a few girls don't just walk by like you're scared of them! You would probably double your subscribers if you 1)slowed down 2) talk to a few girls along the way 3) get a new camera that focuses and is good in low light!

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

Have seen this walk dozens of times on other vids. Why don't you talk to the people…

Shahid Iqbal says:

From where to get Arab girls

BikerDude1953 says:

Poor guy sitting out on the beach by his self probley got taken for everything he had. Make sure you carry your wallet in your front pocket and turn it sideways guys.

Guido DeMaio says:

Look for a girl standing alone not hanging with other girls.

Guido DeMaio says:

Same old walk down beach road, nothing new.

MCtheC says:

Slow down please!

Brummie Brink says:

had also great times with beach road girls. i always have hotel with strong lady policy.. they checked the ID and when the lady leaves your hotel they call you first before the girl is allowed to leave the hotel. You make a good deal, its much better then go go girls. dont take drunk ladies to your hotel. Always be careful and if you are not 100% sure, dont do it. The one girl is better then the other one but i try to say there are a lot of nice ladies on beach road. Have a good and safe trip. Enjoy it

ras124 says:

that's a tumultuous tilt of tantalizing thai beauties!

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