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This video will guide you through the main nightlife spots of Chaweng district, which is the main party spot on the island Koh Samui in Thailand.

Reggae Pub (the one where they check IDs for ladyboys):
Ark Beach Bar (the biggest parties on Chaweng Beach):
Green Mango (biggest club on the island):
Sound Club (afterparty club): could locate it on Google Maps, but it is just around the corner from Green Mango, just ask for it, everybody will know 😉

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✔ PERISCOPE: Adam Remedy
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Charles BISACCIA says:

Yeah !
Thing have change everywhere .
They are plenty of Chinese tourist
on Samui island now .

Rob Crow says:

Nice video… I think peoples comments are so rude because your girl is hot Hot HOT!!! 🙂 and they are Jealous…

Scuba Tom says:

Wow! I went to Reggae Pub 13 years ago. lol They would not even let the local guys in. I took the whole hotel staff because they had never been there, and I had to pay off the door man to let them in. They remembered me because I had been there every night spending crazy money. I told them ether let my friends in, or I walk. They let them in. lol Back then I don't remember a red light district. Reggae Pub did have great bands. I don't think I would care for Koh Samui anymore. I liked it the way it was.

Rfdusty says:

Awesome video, your English is really good too. My parents are from the Czech Republic so it cool so see your videos!

uliguguaffe says:

green mango and hush bar.. my favortie clubs in chaweng… there is also id checking at the green mango entrance

Dominika Lacka says:

This is not a video about nightlife in Koh Samui, it is a video about how to get a hooker in Koh Samui who was born as a biological female


go to pattaya


nice girls czec republic…

Etienne 777 says:

Without Jesus one is so lost in one's sin, i feel so sorry for those who try to fill the empty void inside ones soul with lust that cannot satisfy. Try Jesus, He is the only one who can redeem and satisfy your soul. No God, no meaning in life. Just one empty, pointless party after another! Dont be fooled, hell and heaven is real.

auang says:

sorry folks, i can't find the music in background
any help

LA2Alaska says:

What a gross place.

Thailand Nightlife 808 says:

Great vlogs and look forward to more.

oncall21 says:

Is 'Green Mango' the club that has a sign that says 'Where Everybody Cums together?'

oncall21 says:

Yes it's very sad. "Lady boys' cannot leave the country, cannot use toilets publicly unless they use a 'Lady Boy' toilet and are discriminated heavily in Thailand. No wonder so many of them turn to the sex industry to make money as a whore.

Jaap Van Het Strand says:

Who's the fatty?

brightonick says:

this is worse than brexit

Sirijanya Wongpracha says:

all thai pub they not check id card for who is lady boy or real girl what they check is have anyone under 20 years old ..because is not inlegal for young people under 20 cant go to the club.

Tw1nz YT says:

Did you got/go past Pooms Place

namajkatiufputkata says:

i thought you were a polish at first!

fudumix says:

This guy made vids really?

fudumix says:

And prob is?

Exiled Asia says:

True Koh Samui Party video search Exiled Asia Promo Video

iAsteroidPlanetSmash says:

So the Blonde is the narrators girly boy

Noelio Emerald-Isle says:

Great vid… remind me of Shia LaBouef

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