Night walk along the #Pattaya beach road, December 2017, Vlog 201

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In this video you will see night walk along the Beach road, #Pattaya
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frozen house says:

Any black people you can interview over there wondering how they get treated by the lady's there

darren millar says:

so hard to choose its like being in a sweet shop

mralfiebob says:

I enjoy all the Beach road vlogs, but I have never seen a freelancer go up to the ''client.'' They just seem to sit there watching all pass by. Is there some sort of 'nod and a wink' to indicate interest? Or is it just a case of them seeing its a YT vlogger, so pretend to show no interest? Whatever the reasons, its a long waiting game shit job to earn a bit of extra. Fleas Dimpy Rambo? Its Beach road. so they will have crabs if anything. LOL.

Brummie Brink says:

great video, good work. So much choice for a nice lady. had great times with beach road girls. Can you tell me the prices now for the ladies from beach road. ST and LT

Dimpy Rambo says:

is it true they all have fleas?

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