Night walk along the beach street (part 1) May 2017. Pattaya

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Night walk along the beach street. May 2017 #Pattaya city
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neogeo79 says:

the girl in white @ 3:21 aint bad, but i agree with the other comments, its not that clear.

Luis enrique Mateo says:

exelente video

Renjith Cm says:

I love pattaya

Gaming Android says:

Loba ublag ey

BIGNIC says:

Slow down when taking videos it is impossible to watch. Way to shaky and jumpy.

Jason Owen says:

Not a criticism, but you need to watch some other vlogs to see how steady and clear the footage is, mybe ask them what equpment they are using, this is very bad, not clear very very shaky cant make out anyone's face, but your trying so i hope you can learn from others.

arebrec says:

This is not 1080p. Looks more like 480p. lol

Geoffrey W says:

I had to stop watching as it was hard on the eyes, too fast, blurred and jerky; sorry.

M M says:

Brings back some sweet memories. Coconut Bar was always my favorite hunting grounds.
Sorry .. but video quality sucks.

pete pete says:

They all texting their Thai husband/boyfriend. 'Honey i didn't catch any foreigner yet'

kupshi k says:

u need to improve your camera skills, too fast, too jerky, not clear

vf traveler says:

I like what you are capturing but there is too much camera movement. Stop and look around slowly.

Brummie Brink says:

Had great times with beach road girls. Its a much better price then go go girls.

Ali Goraya says:

How much for 1 hours

Roger K says:

Caption the conversation.

Hameed Turab says:

Show the girls faces clearly.

fred cundiff says:

his videos suck. the girls say something to him and he keep on walking. maybe he dose not like girls

fred cundiff says:

make the videos longer

fred cundiff says:

all these pretty girls and you did not talk to any of them. you move the camera around to much. slow down and show the girls and talk to them.

Boli 黃 says:

How much money about the young girl ?

Yao Moe says:

get some brighter, clearer, footage next time.

vf traveler says:

Too out of focus. Really couldn't see much.

Claudia Erkeloing says:

All good memories and all tourist and events Pattaya Thailand!!

donschein1 says:

your camera is jumping …

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