Night walk along the Beach Road, Pattaya, October 2017, Vlog 156

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Night walk along the Beach Road, Pattaya, October 2017
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chuang charlie6195 says:


Patrice Fichelle says:

A beautiful video from pattaya beach

hot monsta says:

"all i see are a bunch of horny old farts"—-yes, but it's the horny old farts that made it there not you, mr. d hookster!!!!!

D hookster says:

All I see are a bunch of horny old farts!

Guido DeMaio says:

If you can't find what you like on beach road, you won't be able to find it anywhere.

N V Kotian says:

Great video. Almost got to know about Pattaya beach by sitting in my residence in Mumbai. Nice video.

torso99 says:

are they all whores? how do you know who is what?

Lukasz Jaskulski says:

Low season,been there in March,freelancer every 5 meters

Leonardo Fibonacci says:

Der Niedergang ist nicht mehr aufzuhalten! Da muss Mann nicht mehr hin!

M M says:

A lot less ladies (both quality and quantity) on beach road compared to a few years ago when I was there. 🙁

Sails says:

A third of the way in to the vidio there is a plus size girl in a short red dress with blue flowers. Nice girl and very pretty, she has a car and was kind enough to drive me back to the apartment. So sweet!

Afdler says:


Ryan D says:

just left pattaya after a week stay. Hanging out at the beach across Soi8 having conversations with freelances was fun lol.

James W says:

A nice peaceful night on beach rd. Sometimes its just nicer that way.

jaymeez says:

you said "I am Kamboocha" She replied "You!?" My question is wtf is Kamboocha mean?

Thierry foti says:

no more lady on the beach road ‼️🤔

ka 1991 says:

Great video shooting and very beautiful sea view .. continued 👏🏾👏🏾

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