Nam Prik(น้ำพริก) Spicy Thai Chili Dipping Sauce

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This is how we make Nam Prik, This is normally used with fish but it works for anything IMO, We also add crushed pan roosted peanuts and turn it into a peanut sauce, That stuff is delicious, I think it would make a good salad dressing.

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Lek Buzzy says:

I like your version better than what I've eaten in the restaurants.

Marina Loulli says:

Yum yum delish.

DETEK_GNSK559 GeNiuS says:

need this with some sticky rice man thanks for sharing

Phet Vlogs says:

am just saying am from thailand and it's not hot

Deay Adphayrath says:

What's an alternative for the garlic juice?

rugergirl79 says:

That looks like it would be amazing in fish tacos!!!!! I'm looking thru your vis looking for a green papaya salad…..yummy! Thou are my new #1 youtuber i watch!!!

Alex says:

As Sirisux Maieiem mentioned, this is not น้ำพริก (nam phrik), it is น้ำจิ่ม (nam chim).
Nam chim is more watery while nam phrik is a lot more viscous.

1nick1 Gamer says:

I have lots of thai food because what? Because im at THAILAND lel and i am ไทย

crumb9cheese says:

Ohh man that looks really good but i dont do spicy too well. Kills me stomach and then really explosive later. Lol

Ken Karnes says:

Looks yummy, Thank you for sharing your recipe.  Great videos.

JungleJoelVideos says:

That's pretty much how I've seen it made around here. I don't usually eat it as I find it's mighty hot.

TheVJProduction says:

sweet, spicy, salty, put some diced tomato on some meats and your good.

Gardeninggirl1107 says:

Excellent! My son would really go for this. If making your own garlic water, do you just put a few cloves into a jar of water and let it "steep" for awhile?

Mukesh Patel says:

indian girl ?

Elyse Joseph says:

That's my kind of cooking and why I don't like making cakes having to measure everything lol Looks delicious!

Stanislav Grymblat says:

Great video! I like to watch a video about the delicious food! Your video I liked. Thank you for your views my videos and comment on them. I vote Thumb up!

Dale Calder says:

Looked very good to me. Yes the ones I had in restaurants were a tea coloured liquid with a few slices of fresh red chilly floating in them.

Southpaws gold prospecting and adventures says:

Surprised you didn't get a welding flash off the spoon. Dose it burn on the way out too 😉

SwampDonkey530 says:

My arse is winking at me just watching this, lol

Chris Shive says:

Man, that looks delicious, except for the fish sauce, its too strong for my taste. What would it be like if you used soy sauce instead?

Sheldon Dyke says:

thanks for showing how to make it,,,gotta try this ,,looks so good,, a friend from Thailand ,introduced me to really spicy food,,and now i love it,,

Pancho Villa says:

Very interesting. The only thing missing is the tomatos and you have "pico de gallo" however we need to replace the red peppers for the green peppers and a bit of cilantro.

Miss Mawar says:

kelentang kelentung tumbuk sambal uhuuu hot hot u try make sambal belacan chili with shrimp paste + lime juice

SwanInnSongkran says:

Maybe a splash of soya sauce and some freshly chopped garlic. Thanks for posting.

rodney newbury says:

Looks spicy!!

Zarina de guia says:

thanks for making time to make this sauce.. both of you…

Rob Prince says:

nice looking salsa for fish, I'm enjoying your cooking videos, it helps educate us with each video

McDowall Manor says:

Thanks mate!

Rob Bob's Backyard Farm & Aquaponics says:

👍Looks tasty. Think I'd be the only one to use it here 😉
Cheers mate.

HoschtonBoy says:

Do you also use cilantro in the Nam Prik ?

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