MUNCHIES Presents: Arto Saari’s Thai BBQ Jam

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Have you ever wanted to see your skateboard heroes eat delicious food? How about one of the best street skaters of all time get a lesson in Thai style cooking? If you have answered yes to both, then I don’t really know what would please you more than this video. Arto Saari invited us to a skate session at his back yard pool, so we brought along Louis Tikaram, one of our favorite chefs to add the perfect Munchies element to things. Watch the video because it has Arto Saari, PJ Ladd, Lance Mountain, Corbin Harris, Steve Olson, and Scott Oster. Stay because Louis’ food is amazing, and you will want to make it for your friends as well.

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this dude is so cool

오세륜 says:

I guess this episode is better than some episode..some episode,the chef and his friends are annoying and too drunk and discipline problem hahaha 🤣

오세륜 says:

this episode is AWESOME!!so chill hahaha skater rulez!

Jim Dor says:

the fuck is this lame ass shit

ศรัณยู ณ แอสการ์ด says:

ห่อหมก หมูย่าง น้ำจิ้มแจ่ว ส้มตำ

rauskimon says:

more of arto plz

str84ward a says:

do these kids even know what they're eating? like what difference this is from…

Ulices Nieto says:

we call it bagre a la huasteca in my Mexico. which is catfish rolled into banana leaves and smoked. soooooooo good!

Joonas Haaponiemi says:

Great things! Nice to see that Arto has those Iittala Taika bowls! Shoutout to Finnish design!😎

Jorjeo Holley says:

you can't have Australian wagyu beef cuz wagyu meens Japanese cattle, true wagyu beef is from Japan

MrDJCoulton says:

That sauce is legit as fuck.

brian cywan says:

Please do more videos like this. Great job, Munchies. Less Action Bronson, more of this.

sylgar45 says:

More footage of PJ in this cooking video than the entire 2016 footage he appeared in. Glad you managed to corner him!

Alick Friedman says:

@Munchies kindly add the recipes aswell. That would be great!

KingDennisJensen says:

This was dope man.

Thanaporn Sripakdee says:

Cool! You know how to use the Thai style Mortar! luv it!

Jackson Keeler says:

Ewww he used squid brand fish sauce

Mice Elf says:

That looks so bomb!

Mr Sausage says:

He's using authentic ingredients surprisingly 🤔

Mmm Biscuits says:

New Balance? no thank you

joe blo says:

I kept waiting for a deck to nail the table

Andy A says:

more like this

Teerasut Sungkapalee says:

As a Thai, you do a fantastic job!

Myphers says:

why the host is trying so hard be part of something he is not… let the chef do cooking.

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