Muay Thai Technique from legend Poot Lor Lek

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Muay Thai technique taught by All Time Great Muay Thai Legend Poot Lor Lek

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Yêu Võ says:

old school is great

Vraman Vanantsanti says:


Nics says:

one of the legend Poot Lor Lek, he got a little fatter after retired, but surprisingly his skill still sharp !

arfie david says:

how to download video????

Ethan Raybould says:

AWSOME put more on please

HeKtiiCKillZ says:

what do u mean teach authentic but this is long time ago u monkey man.

Zagreb Soloists says:

pap pap pap shh shh shh pap shh shhhhh

jim o says:

+2 great vid! It def opens the doors to a creative approach to muay thai.that said, it sucks how muay thai like his – is non-existent in the us….just a lotta butchered systems – that DONT teach authentic mt.

mikE Lorlek says:

i still watch this alot

mikE Lorlek says:

lorlek is me favorite old school fighter

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