Muay Thai padwork with Kru Gae at TMT

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Three 3-minute rounds of muay thai padwork starts of the afternoon mma class att Tiger Muay Thai/MMA Phuket. Here’s one of them!

Holding the pads is Kru Gae, a Muay Thai veteran with 250+ fights. In his prime a superstar of Onesongchai and ranked third in his division at Lumpinee Stadium.

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Mantis Monk says:

I would love to have this guy
holding pads for me lol…Great energy…

rick4691 says:

Awesome work man, keep it up! Thx for sharing!

Patrick Murphy says:

@TheBIGALLAN its quite hard to drill teh straight kenn on pads, jabbing forward like as spear like youve been taught , so people do it upwards onto teh pads as most trainers dont like to take a straight one on the belly pads

xk4i23r says:

0:57 "down boy"?

Ishoa1 says:

the guy punching and kicking pads is very good and strong. very fit too

pavel1210 says:

great teacher !!!

urbandarito says:

Owoah Hoy! Owoah Hoy!

Kay Tnglish says:

it's funny trainner 🙂

stingy mdey says:

haha reminds me of my thai trainer:D

C Ros says:

@jbone488 But how you spell it tho? lol Owe oeh? Ohe?

C Ros says:

whats the guy yelling out? Everyone does that..oWE OOWEE,OWE…OWE

2ossy says:

@50006972 You would look gassed afted 5 secs

Raymond Kelly says:

the sound from the strikes are too slappy, a dull thud would be better

Rod Alvarado says:

good training!!!

joe g says:

I got tired just watching it! helluva workout.

NoLieAllTruth says:

great trainer

pnaypino says:

Good form, power and stamina! Sick ass pad holder…

Nice job. Thanks for posting!

BAppleJuice says:

Half the fun in watching this is from the guy calling out kicks, punches, and knees. 😀

steppinrazor01 says:

your an idiot

HolyOneKenobi84 says:

as is your abilities to say something positive…

HolyOneKenobi84 says:

wow the slap coming off those pads is incredible

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