Muay Thai boxing and beaches Phuket

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a GoPro camera. Funny, clever and informational.
Ana showed me around Phuket today where they train for Muay Thai boxing and some beautiful beaches.

I do not speak Thai, I have no family here, and I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

Watch me as I VLOG through everyday day life in Thailand maybe a trip to Bangkok or Pattaya and see the wildest things ever.

Special Thanks to Sunny’s ( Sunny in Thailand ) channel 😉

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Hugh Truex says:

Please, get a microphone with wind protection. Enjoy your videos.

Ashley D says:

Great vlog, nice to see you get more around phuket..

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. says:

A map of Phuket showing where you went and the names of all the beaches would have been helpful for those people who pay you money to vlog.

Jean-Pierre Ecoffey says:

Love it, this kind of my "beach" when I'm in Phuket. And I'm here just for three days in Naiharn! Jst went tp see it this morning, the big one, not the two Nui beaches which are very nice too, more quiet and snorkling is a good activity there! Thanks a lot mister Rob 😉

Tom Johnson says:

Weird watching this as i've just come back from living in Rawai for a few months now i want to go back! Especially nai harn beach!! Should do a vlog in Laguna nightclub… place is full of characters!!!

Ana Gorospe says:

thanks guys for supporting Rob…cheers from Ana..

Robert Black says:

yooooooo! love the vlogs…starting watching you a while back, video background…stay cool…rb in az 🙂

Robert Mergaert says:

So how much was that little bungalow room? And I really liked your eight simple answers video, you should do more, even tho I've been to Thailand twice for a total of 5 weeks (Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Cha Am Beach, Niang Beach Phuket) , I still love learning more about the people and country. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

First Last says:

Basically another farang leaching off the Land of Smiles. GET A JOB.

First Last says:

Jobless In Thailand(tm).

expo7112 says:

Don't let her box you in the "friend zone"! Get down with that #$%&!!

Gary Sharples says:

Rob, is you in Love Shack or What! ha Ha?😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏👍🇦🇺🎩🍌💈🙏👍

Gary Sharples says:

Rob, we like one each Day Peace out 🇦🇺🎥💈😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏😎

djttv says:

You should buy a lottery ticket, Rob. You would probably win.

jeffbrdr says:

Rob – I've enjoyed your videos but recently it seems you just aren't putting as much effort into them. You're receiving almost $1000 USD per month from Patreon supporters. Lately you've only been posting 5 minute videos a couple times per week. I can't imagine you're spending more than an hour or 2 a day filming/editing based on the final product that I'm seeing.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but if I was getting that much money in support then I'd be devoting a bit more time to the vlogs. I hate to say it but it seems like you're kind of taking advantage of the people trying to support you over the last few weeks.

Hope I'm wrong because I've gathered that you seem to be a pretty good guy and I've enjoyed following your life in Thailand. I just thought I should point this out since sometimes it takes someones elses perspective to see something for yourself.

Take care.

Larry Fournillier says:

Another great video, Rob! Thanks for the cool tour at a nice pace. 🙂

jon mati says:

dont miss understand me , i havenotting against Rob, People in here just blow up some dust and they like it. all is that i never get one respons and now i sign out  very simpel, haha bay bay, mutherfuckers! can you realy take a joke folks!!!!!!

daniel lee davin says:


joseph adcock says:

hey more vids with fon pleaseeee lol

jon mati says:

YOU LOST- thank you for backing comments

larry gee says:

getting bored…new kid in town,,,kev in thailand,,check out his channel based out of pattaya..funny and entertaining something rob was til he moved to Phuket,,
sorry but it s true.

Michael Federman says:

Did you get the job teaching English ?

Michael GOLD COAST says:

Nice video Rob, thanks.

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