Mr. Mac’s Hotel — Pattaya Thappraya Road $25/Night

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Mr. Mac’s Pattaya Hotel is located on Thappraya Road which is half way between Jomtien and South Pattaya. It is located on the baht bus routes just 5 minutes from Walking Street or about a 15 minute walk. Prices seemed a little high for this place but I think it is a factor of high season.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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Nick Lopes says:

Another awesome CC video. Very informative. Thanks CC.

G T says:

No lift and noisy. How is your Visa situation now? I hear the news more than 8000 foreigners hiding out in Thailand overstaying their visas. Could be big fines and deportation.

rustler says:

i try to see u in walking street . i cannot see for the two days. i asked u to the guy who have sunglasses rosta hair

Mark Gibbs says:

ZING is in the same road go do a video on ZING it is a fantastic hotel

rick powell says:

Hes gettin as desperate a Kev the Gob n No Job Rob.

Pique Dard says:

hi CC,
what about bringing a joiner?

Matt Morchance says:

The Bitcoin must be drying up now, eh Charlie? Here's some financial advice to keep you in Thailand longer, exchange the rest of your Bitcoin for Ethereum!

Mike Gustafson says:

Really enjoy your work CC but my biggest critique with all the vid bloggers in Thailand is they never say if a hotel comes with free breakfast. I think it makes a big difference in value. Thanks

Donald Trump for 2616 says:

Charlie show your face

Peter Stevens says:

Pool? Exercise room?

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:


Joe Doe says:

Room very nice, compare to Americans stinky, moldy and expensive motels

Colonel Kurtz says:

I know the tall lady…her name is Jeab

richie rich says:

Wow I pay 560 which includes everything in VA. I know not in Thailand but much cheaper.

Chris Andrews says:

sounds like there is a lot of street noise

pattayaaaaaa says:

I wonder what the price is at Pop-inn now, diagonally across the same street. I remember it was about 400 baht/day.

ross kelly says:

Did you ask about weekly/monthly rate? I like the hotel, it looks like it would be quiet.

Sonny Jim in Thailand says:

Nice rooms. Included soap and shampoo. Okay location.

ccammy1 says:

If your reviews are bringing business to these hotels like you say then why you not charging them?

Don Marti says:

If someone put $35 in your account for CCC for entertainment a woman an a few drinks long term would you like to do it

Don Marti says:

Weekly rate Monthly, what about the one for 1000 Great Videos

Paul Mulvey says:

Enjoyed the video. Place look's nice, (" Mae!!!!!! Charlie's found you a nice place , at Sean's old pad")💼👠💳👙👡👜👗👛💄💄💄😂!

blades Ultra lock laces says:

wow cctv cameras on every room … and those locks… if security is important to you and in Pattata is …that's a good place..another great review cc..

Sobhy Ahmed says:

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Excellent video, super like
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Brummie Brink says:

Looks very good the room. Is there no elevator?

His Nemesis says:

The 2nd lady at reception looked a jolly sort.

TLO1357 Bardon says:

Alright! Nice Vid Triple C,,,ur doing Good man. Keep up the good Work…Thanks


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