Mountains of Thai Food in LA: Chef’s Night out with Louis Tikaram

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Mouth-melting chicken sandwiches, mounds of Thai food, and Bacardi 151 round out our journey across Los Angeles with Louis Tikaram of E.P. & L.P.

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Mike Maratta says:

does anyone in LA know what theyre talking about or do they just talk

Mal Moran says:

The world is full of fakes and phonies !!!

Jonathan Kim says:

shameless plug 71, shameless

T C66 says:

standard hipster douche

สุภาพ ขุนหอม says:

เอาข้าวมาเล่นไม่น่ารักนะค่ะ เพราะข้าวแต่ล่ะเม็ดกว่าจะได้มาชาวนาต้องหลังสู้ฟ้าหน้าสู้ดินนะค่ะ

Alexi Myhoney says:

The food in Thailand is the best!

Matthew Gleeson says:

Best episode by far

HelikaonIX says:

"Ya know coming from Australia we're all outdoors all the time, beach, park…at EP we just bring all of that together" INSIDE . Bullshit detected.

sugreev2001 says:

For once, you get a decent guy for an episode.

SoulReaperII X/_X says:

Puff puff pass

Lachlan Beagley says:

Death Grips shirt.

L P says:

did you see the guys fingernails yuck

KingDennisJensen says:

''oh shit''

lmahlay says:

is that top chef's mei lin at 16:44

9KK says:


Ace Finesse says:

this nigga looks hideous and hes a brit?!

Shichman says:

Excellent night out!!!

justin walsh says:

Why with the rice dick!!!!!

okicat1 says:

Hipsters night out hasn't been good for a while.

Samwerly says:

whats with all these foodies speaking like absolute spastics ? FMD

Luke Cage says:

nigga got lamer the more he drank. lol went from humble australian with cultured background with a resturant in la, to douchey dude, to wtf this is… "alright guuuuys ima try to chop my fingers oooooff!!!!"

PIERRE says:

Munchies has the most cancerous comments ever… fuck off if yall dont like the series

Patrick Di says:

one of the best episodes

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